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You Can Get A Bonus For Losing Weight, Will You Do It?

Jan 16, 2021

In the movie "The Richest Man in Xihong City" released in China in 2018, there is a segment describing that people can get bonuses for losing weight. More and more people are concerned about health. Is it possible for insurance to lose weight to appear in real life?

As the scale of insurance development becomes larger and larger, the depth of the Chinese insurance market will become deeper and competition will become stronger; in fact, everyone should have this experience now, how all insurance companies in China have launched insurance products There seems to be little difference, whether it is accident insurance, medical insurance, or critical illness insurance; there is almost no difference between the content of the insurance and the form of the product. The only difference may be that the name is different and the rate is different.

lose weight

However, as the traditional blue ocean market becomes more and more stable, the old insurance company market becomes more and more stable. If a large number of small and medium-sized insurance companies do not pay attention to product innovation, if they cannot launch products with marketing benefits, they still use old products. Competing with market giants, the final outcome may still be unable to grow!

Fortunately, with the rapid development of China's Internet insurance market in the past three years, various scenario-based insurance products have been continuously developed. In fact, these eye-catching insurance products are almost all innovative products of small and medium insurance companies or Internet insurance companies. ; You have to say how much premiums these products can buy, that may not be true; but such products can indeed provide eye-catching benefits for small and medium-sized insurance companies in the market. This is the power of innovation!

The insurance for weight loss in the movie "The Richest Man in Xihong City" may indeed appear! There is no doubt about the speed of innovation in the Chinese insurance market in recent years; after all, the existing market has indeed formed an oligarchic situation. Only insurance products that focus on product innovation and are close to the scene may be the way out for some second- and third-tier insurance companies.

A similar situation did exist in reality! But they are not insurance, you don't need to spend any money! This is because the UAE government is worried that the quality of life is too good to cause serious obesity in the country, so they have launched a weight loss gold award. When your weight exceeds a certain standard and you are a UAE citizen, you can participate, but the point is that after you participate in this activity, how much weight you lose within the specified time, the UAE government will reward you with the same weight of gold! If you lose 10 catties of weight, the country will give you 10 catties of gold!

--By Weiwo