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With This Lifting Table, Your Office Environment Is Instantly Full Of Technology

Jan 20, 2021

For office workers, more than 8 hours a day are spent in the office. The quality of the office environment greatly affects the mood and work efficiency of the day.

A good office environment must not only be pleasing to the eyes and meet the needs of daily work, but also take care of health and comfort. Especially now that the pressure in the workplace is increasing. Many people sit for a whole day and rarely have the opportunity to get up and play, especially in IT technology. Fields, long overtime hours, long sitting time, and traditional office environments can easily bring various health risks.

Many research results at home and abroad have confirmed that sitting for a long time hurts the body. Sitting for a long time will not only breed cellulite and cause obesity, increase the risk of three highs and diabetes, but also continue to compress the spine and induce cervical and lumbar diseases. Moreover, when sitting for a long time, the body weight is concentrated in the lower body, the blood circulation in the body is slowed, and the whole body circulatory system is blocked. It is easy to induce various chronic diseases and even increase the risk of sudden death.

hangzhou weiwo lifting table

How to prevent sedentary injuries? According to the British "Daily Mail" report, public health experts recommend that office workers should stand for at least one hour a day to help prevent obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

In the US Silicon Valley, well-known companies such as Facebook and Google have long been advocating standing office and providing a standing office environment for employees to help them prevent sedentary injuries and improve work efficiency.

standing working method

Now, you can also keep up with the trend of Silicon Valley and have an office environment full of technology like Facebook and Google. All you need is a Weiwo intelligent electric lift table.

The appearance design of the Weiwo lifting table is very simple, and the surface does not look much different from an ordinary table, but if you look closely, you will find that this table has a few more columns and a control panel than an ordinary table. Important functions can be raised and lowered freely to realize standing office.

With a free lifting range of 600-1230mm, Weiwo lifting table can meet the sitting and standing needs of people with a height of 150-180cm. Electric one-key lifting, convenient and fast, only takes a few seconds to sit and stand alternately.

38mm/s constant speed lifting, the lifting process is very stable, and the cup of water can be balanced. Preferably double motors for bass noise reduction, silent lifting and lowering without disturbing others.


100kg large load-bearing, even with several monitors can be raised and lowered smoothly.

In addition, the table board and the table frame of the Weiwo lifting table are separate, you can freely choose and combine according to your needs. The table frame can be stretched around 1100-1800mm, adapting to table boards of different sizes.

lifting table frame

The table board and table frame are available in multiple colors to meet the needs of different styles.

table top lifting table board

Do you still hesitate to pursue taste?

--By Weiwo