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Why Is The Internet Cafe Game Table Comfortable?

Oct 24, 2019

There are many people who know that there are computers in the house, and the speed of the Internet is also very fast, but they still can't help but go to the Internet cafes from time to time.

No comparison without harm! I used the Internet cafe desktop computer desk net, and then came back to use the computer desk at home, I felt uncomfortable everywhere, and I was not comfortable everywhere. Why is this?

Internet cafe computer desk is the basic facilities of Internet cafes. The comfort level affects consumers' choice of Internet cafes. Its quality material and design can determine the style of Internet cafes. The design of Mengda Internet Cafe table is more humanized, the height of the armrests, the human body. Sitting position, the angle of the table and the distance between the front and the back can fully play the role of every inch of the Internet cafe table, especially in terms of cleaning, it is also very convenient and easy to maintain.

Next is the size of the Internet cafe table! The functional size of many Internet cafe tables seriously affects people's health. According to the relevant regulations of the state: the height difference between the tables and chairs of the Internet cafe is between 280mm and 300mm; the height below the computer desk of the Internet cafe is not less than 580mm and the width is not less than 520mm. Internet cafe tables are too short to affect people's spine and lumbar vertebrae, and the core element of Internet cafes is the Internet cafe table. The use of the desk has a great impact on the profitability of Internet cafes, so Mengda's customized Internet cafe table makes customers more satisfied through these:

First, the system is light, fast and accurate.

Second, safe, flexible and durable pulleys.

Third, ergonomic design, with the "convenient use of computers" as the core concept of product design

Fourth, you can make your eyesight and sitting posture as comfortable as possible.

Fifth, the contact surface is specially treated to prevent fire, water and scratches.