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Why Are E-sports Hotels So Popular

Mar 16, 2021

E-sports hotels, as a new product that integrates Internet cafes and hotels in recent years, is quite popular among young people. However, the price of e-sports hotels is much higher than that of traditional Internet cafes, but the business is still very good. . So what is it that makes the business of e-sports hotels so good? Let me analyze it from many aspects.

One: privacy

In order to save space, Internet cafes generally place computers side by side. The two computers are very close. The slightly better Internet cafes will use soft partitions to separate the space. The advantage of this is that it can save space for the Internet cafe. The disadvantage is that it will affect the privacy of the players while playing, and the e-sports hotel does not have to worry about this at all. The independent private space and the good sound insulation effect fully meet the needs of the players for privacy.

Two: security

It's not uncommon for a thief to steal something in an Internet cafe while the player is asleep or away. My friend was stolen an iPhone 6 in an Internet cafe. The thief can succeed because there are many security loopholes in the Internet cafes, including many cases where all the props and coins in the game account were transferred away after the players fell asleep in the Internet cafes. "E-sports hotel" as a hotel in the Internet cafes, the security in the e-sports hotel is very high, and there are separate toilets and bathrooms in the rooms, and you can take a shower and relax when you are tired.

Three: computer configuration

The computer configuration of ordinary Internet cafes is uneven. Some Internet cafes have general computer configurations and can only play some ordinary competitive games. Some can not even enable full special effects. If you want to play some 3a masterpieces, you have to go to better Internet cafes. Compared with traditional ones Internet cafes and e-sports hotels have slightly larger investments. Taking into account the business center, e-sports hotels will put some effort in computer configuration, and some e-sports hotels are directly equipped with aliens as standard.

Four: time

The private night of traditional Internet cafes is until 7 or 8 o’clock the next morning. Just after playing the game at this time, people are in a state of fatigue. At this time, it is very unsafe to go home. The check-out time of the e-sports hotel is 12 noon. Before the point, you can rest at any time when you are tired from playing games, and check out at noon.

Five: price

We talked about the price again, are e-sports hotels really more expensive than Internet cafes? The answer is yes, but how expensive is it and where is it?

Compared with traditional Internet cafes, e-sports hotels are mainly expensive in terms of space. Compared with hotels, the price of e-sports hotels is only equivalent to that of ordinary three-star hotels or even cheaper. Moreover, the computer configuration of e-sports hotels is very high. It may cost 20 yuan an hour in the same configuration area of an ordinary Internet cafe. If it is overnight, it also costs more than 100 yuan. The price is only until the next morning, after the morning. If you still want to play, you have to continue to charge by the hour. If you do this, the cost of the e-sports hotel will be lower than that of the Internet cafe, and there are beds to rest at any time, no need to sleep on the sofa.

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