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Which The Computer Chair Is Better? And How To Choice The Computer Chair?

Aug 11, 2017

Which the computer chair is better? And how to choice the computer chair

1.We can consider our own height and the chair you choice whether match the high back chair with head pillow. In regularly, the 39-41cm height of the lowest seat is suitable to major Domestic users. If it is too high, our feet will be hung up and pressured the internal nerves and blood vessels of the leg so that legs are numbness!

Suggestion: when we are choosing computer chair, we need choose the computer chair which the height of seat and backrest can be adjustable.

2. according to the length of time you used the computer. People who use computer for short time, they can purchase regular computer chair. On the contrary, people who use computer all days, they should considerate a good computer chair which can hold the parts of their body.

A: Neck:  Most programmers and customers who play games for a long time are uncomfortable with their necks all day. This requires a head pillow height and angle can be adjusted, especially forth and back the adjustment is critical!

B: In order to adapt to the different height of the customer, the computer chair is supporting the hands and the height and the angle of the armrest.

 Long term computer use causes periarthritis of shoulder!

C : It is also critical to support the lumbar. First of all, we should maintain a good sitting habit, and secondly, you need a adjustable waist pillow to support it. Waist pillow is not everyone thought that taking a back pillow pad can be. in fact , for a long time, the waist will feel more pain!

Suggestion: people who seat in front of the computer for long time should choose ergonomic computer chair.

3.The functions of the computer chair:


b: up and down

C: armrest can up and down , swivel forth and back right and left

d:Seat can be adjust forward and backward

e: Waist pillow can up and down , forth and back

h: The whole backrest can up and down

i: Head pillow :the height and the angle can be adjustable

j: Hypsokinesis, tilting angle locking and other functions

Suggestion: the ergonomic chair can meet multi-function adjustment

4.According to the material of the chair ,the computer chairs are divided into several type: leather chair, cloth chair, half mesh chair, full mesh chair! Because the mesh is breathable, the full mesh chair is popular. The material and mesh requirement of the full mesh chair is more higher.

At present, the best computer chair in the country adopts the American Matrex mesh cloth, and the quality is pretty good.

Suggestion: computer chairs are furniture we use frequently, we must choose the chairs which product by standard manufacturer