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Which Peripheral Industries Can E-sports Promote?

Mar 25, 2021

E-sports, as a game that integrates human intelligence, thinking, and reaction abilities, has now been loved by more and more young friends. In recent years, with the professionalization and teamization of e-sports, the e-sports industry has maintained a trend of rapid growth. Various world competitions continue, and "great gods" from all walks of life are also emerging in endlessly.

As the e-sports industry continues to be popular, the scale of the e-sports industry is also constantly expanding. According to relevant data, the scale of my country's e-sports industry in 2017 was about 77 billion yuan, and this year this number is expected to exceed 88 billion, and the number of players in the e-sports industry will reach 430 million. Of course, with the rapid development of the e-sports industry, it has also led to the rise of many surrounding industries.

1. Computer peripherals

In the e-sports industry, the importance of computer peripherals is self-evident. It plays an important role in the victory of the team and the performance of the players. In the game of e-sports, computer peripherals are nothing more than one of the most concerned objects of many off-field players. For professional e-sports players, these computer peripherals have also played a role in propaganda during the competition, thus promoting the development of these computer peripherals.

Specifically, computer peripherals mainly include keyboards, mice, mouse pads, gaming headsets, and gaming seats. After the game is over, the sales of these devices will show a significant increase. The consumers behind this are a group of young people who love e-sports.

2. Team clothing

No one thought that this kind of accessory to the e-sports industry would be loved by so many people. Team clothing is used as the uniform of the participating teams, and each team has a different design. It represents the overall image of a team. With the professionalization of the team, many more capable e-sports teams will participate in some world-class e-sports competitions. As a result, their uniforms were displayed in front of hundreds of millions of people.

Because of this, many e-sports clothing stores have sprung up. Whenever encounters such as LPL, LSPL, Ti and other competitions, the team's clothing is a hot product.

3. Surrounding tourism and consumption

E-sports as an event, especially when encountering some world-class competitions, often plays an inestimable role in local tourism and consumption. Compared with competitive sports, most of the groups that visit e-sports competitions are a group of young people who have greater consumption potential and more generous shots. It can be imagined to promote the local economy.