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Which Kind Of Engromic Chir Is Good

Nov 03, 2017

From the perspective of comfort:

The material of the engromic chair's seat cushion,backrest and pillow are normally used high quality mesh material,High-quality mesh soft and comfortable, breathable through sweat, strong bearing capacity. Can effectively prevent the sitting area of heat, breeding bacteria, but also to ensure the durability of bearing, even fat people, sitting in a chair do not have to worry about broken mesh;

From a functional point of view:

Seat back height and angle

The adjustment function provides the user with proper back support to help the user maintain the correct sitting posture so as to protect the spine of the user from being damaged by long hours of work.

Waist care

An indispensable design item on the back of a cotton-like chair, its function is to help the user maintain the correct sitting position, relieve stress on the spine, and prevent the spine from distorting due to poor sitting posture.

Seat height

Adjustable properly, an office chair is equally important. Different height seat users are free to adjust the seat to its height, so that the cushion properly support its thighs, while feet can be placed on the ground, so although sitting in a chair for a long time, nor does it affect the normal blood circulation.

Pillow height

Adjusting functions in a modern office chair is increasingly important. The user may adjust the height of the headrest to the proper position according to the height of the headrest. The head and neck will be fully supported and the fatigue will be eliminated when the user needs to take a rest after use.

Ipomoea legs and casters

Special emphasis on its bearing capacity, the key lies in the production and application of raw materials more difficult to identify from the surface. The world recognized standards require that the five-legged leg should withstand a weight of 1400 kilograms and the castor should pass a> 15N rolling frictional resistance test.