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What Is The Difference Between An E-sports Table And A Regular Table?

Oct 23, 2019

The esports table was originally a kind of game computer table specially designed for esports game events. It is very different from the ordinary computer table in terms of shape and design concept. At present, many Internet cafes, Internet cafes, e-sports halls, and e-sports hotels use e-sports tables instead of ordinary Internet cafes. In terms of shape design, the e-sports table is more cool; in terms of functional design, the e-sports table is more user-friendly.

Design highlights

The entire e-sports table is designed with a rectangular structure, which is more stable and has a stronger bearing capacity. It replaces the long type with a short balance bar, releasing the bottom space to free your long legs, and the table legs are round and scratch-resistant. Can adjust the height freely, adapt to the flexibility, there are multi-color cool marquees on both sides of the desktop, as well as the keyboard and mouse trunking and intimate insertion and storage bins, effectively avoiding the spill of drinks and boosting the battle plus buff.

Material analysis

The simple and stylish esports computer table, made of high-density natural fiberboard made of table, with its hard texture and meticulous structure, brings more stable use. At the same time, the outer frame is made of ABS engineering plastic, which has high strength and strong impact resistance. In addition, the interior of each leg is integrated into the steel frame, which is hard and strong, resulting in a longer life.