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What Is Racing Chair

Apr 06, 2021

     What Is Racing Chair

Simply put, a high-quality gaming chair can give us a different experience, because it uses an ergonomic high-end design, which will make the back and the chair fit more closely during our use. It is uniform and can support the back, so it can effectively accelerate the blood circulation. Not only that, the armrest of the gaming chair can also be adjusted according to your own needs, which greatly reduces The discomfort caused by long-term sitting. If my friends just want to alleviate the problem of sedentary sitting, I personally recommend that you buy an ergonomic chair like that. Another reason for the gaming chair is that its gorgeous appearance is in line with our game-playing temperament. I believe that when you sit on this chair and eat chicken, you will have a feeling of being chased by the Jedi. When playing LOL, you will feel that you can kill everything.


The Difference Between Racing Chair And Computer Office Chairs

1. The difference in product positioning

The Racing Chair is mainly developed and used for e-sports game players. Usually the appearance design is cool and fashionable, incorporating racing seats, sports and game elements, with a high straight back.

The computer office chair is mainly used in home and office scenes. The appearance is relatively simple and smooth, and the back of the chair is closer to the ergonomic design, and it is more comfortable to sit for a long time.

2. The difference in materials used

E-sports chairs are mainly made of PU or PVC materials to wrap the seats. PU leather is soft and wear-resistant, but the air permeability is slightly less. PVC material has better air permeability. E-sports chairs usually have a steel frame, which has better load-bearing and compressive performance. .

Ordinary computer office chairs are mainly made of mesh fabrics, which have good breathability and waterproof performance. Generally, they do not have a steel frame. Some high-end office chairs use leather-wrapped sponge inner cushion material.

3. The difference in functional configuration

The gaming chair is mainly composed of PU leather material, sponge inner cushion, steel frame, air pressure bar, armrest, five-star feet and rollers. Some hand supports are equipped with lifting and rotating functions, and the handbrake can freely adjust the large angle of the back seat.

The office chair is mainly composed of mesh material, sponge inner cushion, armrests, air pressure bar, five-star feet and rollers. The hand support is mostly a fixed form, the handbrake can adjust the height of the back chair, and the headrest and lumbar support fit the ergonomic design.

4. The difference between types and styles

The type and style of gaming chair is relatively simple, mainly made of PU or PVC material with sponge filling, and built-in steel frame structure. Usually with a high-value racing seat back design, the appearance is cool and fashionable, and the recognition is high.

Computer office chairs have a variety of styles, with mesh material, PU or leather with sponge inner cushion material, high and low backs, and most high-end office chairs have multifunctional designs such as headrests and ergonomics. 

Five Key Points For Choosing Racing Chair:   gaming chairr

1. Cushion material

PVC, PU or artificial leather: low cost, easy to obtain, most products use artificial leather, leather: animal leather is costly, extremely comfortable to sit up, mesh surface: it is the best to clean, breathable, sweat penetration is the smallest, and the area is the smallest. Not easy to smell.

The cushion material affects the user’s sitting feeling on the chair and whether they can sit for a long time. Therefore, the cushion is very important. Most gaming chairs use PVC, PU or artificial leather as the cushion, and maintenance is also relative. It is easy to use animal leather for the more valuable ones, which is relatively difficult to maintain. Then there is a more general mesh material, which is more ventilated and easy to clean, so you can choose the cushion material according to your own feeling of use.

2. Cushion padding

The filling is made of sponge, but there is a big difference between sponge and sponge, mainly these three kinds: Original sponge: environmentally friendly and hygienic, soft and comfortable. Recycled sponge: belongs to industrial recycling and reuse, may contain harmful substances. Stereotype sponge: value High, durable, good resilience and high comfort. The density of the sponge will determine the comfort of the cushion of the gaming chair. Ordinary gaming chairs are 52–55 kg/m^3, and some manufacturers seem to have introduced chairs with 75 kg/m^3 or more. The higher the density, the better the comfort.

3. Skeleton

The skeleton can be said to be the soul of the chair. The better the material used, the longer the life of the chair. Some will be painted on the outer layer of the skeleton to reduce the risk of rusting and breaking. Once the skeleton is broken, the entire chair must be replaced. Therefore, the selection of the skeleton is very important. , Generally speaking, the steel frame is the safest choice, with high bearing capacity and durability

4. Five claw feet

Both the tube wall and the wheel play an indispensable role in the support. The quality and thickness of the tube wall have the greatest influence. The size of the wheel is also one of the important points. Their quality not only affects the static load-bearing In addition to the force, the momentary bearing capacity is also the key to reference

Steel: high cost and high durability

Nylon plastic: intermediate cost, low durability

Aluminum alloy: low cost and high durability

5. Chair back material

Most of them are PU materials, but they are easy to hydrolyze and cause cracks. Some products have taken this into consideration.

Add a layer of protective film to the PU material, PVC composite semi-PU (PU covered with PVC), these materials are waterproof, softer, and have a lot of help in maintenance and the life of the chair.