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What Is Ergonomic Computer Chair?

Sep 15, 2017

What is ergonomic computer chair?

The usage of ergonomic computer chair is more and more widely,even spread to the place of work and study. They facilitate our lives and also benefit to our health.So What is the ergonomic computer chair?

Ergonomic computer chair, also named ergonomic chair and ergonomic office chair. It is based on the "ergonomic" theory. Through statistic and sum the various data in the process of using the computer chairs ,it is designed on the basic of the statistic. It can not only meet the needs of people sitting, more able to enjoy comfort and health in the process of "sitting", which is industrial design "people-oriented" principle. The design principles :release natural, human regulation, suitable for a variety of body regulation; material mainly on environmentally friendly materials.

 The normal computer chair is just meet the sitting function.With the pursuit of living comfort  increasing, people are no longer satisfied with the existing computer chair.In order to satisfy the pursuit,designers apply the theory of ergonomic to the practice. The ergonomic computer chair is invented.It is not only meet the need of sitting, more able to enjoy comfort and health in the process of "sitting". This is the industrial design "people-oriented"principle.

Ergonomic computer chair mainly from the following aspects of regulation of fatigue:   

1.Head:The adjustable of headrest height and angle 

As for different size people, making appropriate adjustment guide the correct sitting position to reduce fatigue.

2.Back: Back with waist pillow or curve back

The best support for the waist position is the third, the fourth vertebrae. The height of whole back can be adjustable to easy and simple to meet the needs of different size users, reduce the lumbar Bone bear most of the body weight.

3 The depth of the seat

For different height of the user, the seat depth to adjust the appropriate position to traction sitting the correct so that it play a natural release to improve operational efficiency.


By adjusting the height and angle of armrest, hand and table more smooth transition to prevent the mouse hand.

Physiological characteristics of human sitting posture

The most natural posture of the people is standing upright, when standing upright, the spine is basically S-shaped. But compared with the standing upright, the sitting position is conducive to the lower part of the body's blood circulation and reduce lower limb muscle fatigue. Sitting also conducive to maintaining the body stability. But because of sitting, the pelvis to the rear of the tilt, so that the back of the sacrum also tilted. Because of it, the spine from the S-shaped to the arched changes, so that the spine of the disc by a lot of pressure, resulting in low back pain and other diseases. If the Chair seat design is wrong, will make the thigh oppression, hinder the lower limb blood circulation, causing lower extremity numbness.

Incorrect sitting can not only reduce the waist load, but also increased the load. Straight waist is conducive to reducing the pressure on the intervertebral disc. But the muscle load increases, bending waist is conducive to muscle relaxation. Increasing the pressure inside the disc, the back of the tilt and shape can affect the disc and back muscles.