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What Is A Good Size Desk For Gaming?

Apr 09, 2021

The e-sports table was originally a type of gaming computer table specially designed for e-sports game events. In terms of appearance and design concept, it is very different from ordinary computer tables. At present, many Internet cafes, Internet cafes, e-sports halls, and e-sports hotels use e-sports tables instead of ordinary Internet cafes and computer desk products. In terms of appearance design, e-sports tables are more cool; in terms of functional design, e-sports tables are more in line with humanized design.

e-sports table

Why are e-sports tables suitable for playing games?

E-sports tables use ergonomic design. The so-called ergonomic design is to let the tools adapt to themselves, not to adapt to the tools on their own initiative. It has good appearance and good quality at the same time.


The height of the game table

The height of a gaming desk is a critical aspect when you are looking forward to enjoying a comfortable and ergonomic sitting posture. Usually, gamers continuously sit and play their favorite games for hours. Therefore, if they don't take into account the proper height and ergonomics of the gaming desk, it would cause some health issues like back, shoulder, or joint pain.

So let's dive in at what you need to consider when choosing the height of a gaming table.

People's daily furniture is designed according to the degree of freedom of the human body in space. The height of the chair surface and stool designed according to the height of 170cm is generally 45cm. Sitting on the chair surface or stool of 45cm high to operate the computer, the height of the human eye's head-up is The height of the game table should be about 80cm. In order to operate the keyboard smoothly, the keyboard and mouse should be placed at a height of 65cm. As for the length of the computer table and the size of the broadband, the height of the game table should be about 80cm.