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What Games Are The Top Gamers Playing

Mar 11, 2021

You can really experience all that gaming has to offer with the best PC games. There are so many unique and multi-platform experiences available via the various digital storefronts or physical discs, it can be hard to pick one to play though.


Even if you have the choice of consoles, there are still good reasons to play games on PC above other methods. Using a mouse and keyboard for FPS games or strategy titles is often much easier and more fun than struggling with imprecise analog sticks or limited controller inputs. Others are visually stunning, and deserve to be played on the most powerful hardware to show them off at their best. And even if this year is the start of a new console generation, the PC will always have an upper hand in graphics as long as you have the budget.

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What's more, it's a lot easier to get a hold of a gaming PC or laptop and start playing the latest and greatest games than it is to buy one of a very limited stock of Xbox Series X or PS5 consoles. All you need is one of our top gaming PCs or gaming laptop picks, and you can get started right away with these best games for PC.

If you'd prefer something slower paced but still a thrill, then XCOM: Chimera Squad is a strategy title that will see you test your mental powers against those who seek to destroy the tenuous human-alien alliance, with the help of a unique cast of agents.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a game you could buy just for its beautiful vistas, but the tight 2D platforming and combat mean there's plenty to do as you travel around its world. It's a similar story with Microsoft Flight Simulator, despite the very different genre. With all the assist options enabled, it becomes a relaxing way to travel the world in an aircraft. But should you want it, you can dive into the metaphorical nuts and bolts of your plane to really explore what the simulation can offer.

What Remains of Edith Finch is the final title we'll spotlight here. This is a story-focussed game that will continually surprise you with radically different gameplay vignettes for each section. It doesn't take long to play, but the real value comes in how it'll stick with you long after you quit the game for the final time.

1.Hitman 3

close to what makes these games so unique. It doesn’t redefine the gameplay but it does introduce six new maps and wraps up the story started in 2016’s Hitman. Just like the previous games, the maps will take you all over the world from Dubai and England to China and more.

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