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What Factors Need To Be Considered When Purchasing A Game Table And Chair?

Oct 26, 2019

Game owners to buy Internet cafe tables and chairs always focus on the price of Internet cafe tables and chairs, but other aspects are less considered. For example, the practicality, style and style of Internet cafe tables and chairs.

First of all, the price of Internet cafe tables and chairs

Buying Internet cafe tables and chairs first considers the price not only because of the cost problem, but also because the Internet cafe tables and chairs of different price grades are completely different in style, material and quality. Therefore, choose to play that bar table and chair, first set the price range of Internet cafe tables and chairs.

As the saying goes, "One point is worth the price", everyone wants to buy a good and cheap product, but there is also a saying that "only the wrong to buy, there is no wrong sale!". Many Internet cafes and chairs sellers do adopt the sales policy of small profits but quick turnover, but they can't sell the products as the price of cabbage. The most important sellers want to win with service and think what customers think. Only in this way can we create maximum value for our customers.

Second, the practicality of Internet cafe tables and chairs

The biggest difference between Internet cafe tables and chairs and ordinary household tables and chairs is that "Internet cafe tables and chairs are all designed to facilitate the use of computers." Therefore, in addition to the price, the practicality of Internet cafe tables and chairs also need to focus on.

Internet cafe tables and chairs have to buy high performance when purchasing, and they are comfortable to do. Otherwise, customers will be less than an hour of physical and mental exhaustion. How can they settle down and work there for a long time? When purchasing computer tables and chairs, ensure that the angle and surface of the back of the chair should be adjustable, and that we can have a good support for the neck, back and waist of the person sitting. This can avoid the deformation of the spine. At the same time, the back of the chair must have a certain degree of flexibility, and it must have a firm chassis and rollers, and the bottom wheels of the table and chair should have sufficient stability.

At the time, the style of the bar tables and chairs

The choice of table and chair styles can be ordered according to the customer's behavior, and the comfortable sofa with the ankles is generally comfortable. The game area is suitable for esports chairs and the body leans forward. It is to facilitate the management of the Internet cafe chassis, and the rear hanging Internet cafe table has become the mainstream. As for the configuration of the wooden table or the glass plate, the answer is very simple. The wood board is generally thick in thickness and generally can only be used for three or four years, and can also be selected according to the decoration style. The glass is relatively thin and relatively rough for long-term use. Most of the time, we will consider choosing a wood board. The glass can only be used as a mold and the price is high.

Finally, the color of the table and chair

Due to the variety of colors, it is often dazzling. For the color matching of Internet cafes, the most important thing is to choose according to the color of the Internet cafe decoration and the effect of the lighting. The main focus is on bright colors.