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What Computer Chair Is Good? How To Choose The Ergonomic Computer Chair?

Oct 26, 2017

Office workers often feel back pain because long-term sitting office, its miserable. According to statistics, now 75% of the office workers of spine are in an unhealthy state. To change this situation, in addition to the correct posture, the choice of a good computer chair not only in the work feel relaxed, but also help to protect the eyes and the body of the joints. What computer chair is good? What is the price of the computer? What is the brand of computer chair is good?

Introduction and classification of computer chairs

The computer chair is a set of comfortable office equipment specially designed for computer workers, usually composed of pulleys and swivel chair faces and armrest. Dedicated to computer work. Seat has the function of turning, lifting and so on, you can adjust to the best comfort condition. Computer chairs have been widely popular in people's work and study and production sites. Has a certain ergonomic, is good at health.

By location

Work chair, student chair, computer chair, middle chair, executive chair, conference chair

According to the fabric points

Ma Rong chairs, mesh chairs, leather chairs, anti-static chairs

By function

General computer chair, ergonomic computer chair

Ergonomic design of computer chair

Meet the physiological characteristics of sitting posture

Sitting position, the pelvis to the rear of the tilt, so that the lower end of the sacrum also tilted, so that the spine from the S-shaped (normal) to the arch changes, so that the spine of the disc by a lot of pressure. Spine of the intervertebral disc pressure, not the correct sitting not only can not reduce the waist load, but increased the load. Straight waist is conducive to reducing the pressure on the intervertebral disc, but the muscle load increases, bending waist is conducive to muscle relaxation, but increased the pressure inside the disc.

Ergonomic chair design is designed by the computer chair should be fully considered ergonomics, that is, the design of the chair in line with the basic body structure and behavior habits, effectively relieve spinal pressure, reduce the burden of leg muscles, To prevent unnatural physical posture, reduce people's energy consumption, reduce the burden on the blood system.

The size of the body sitting on the basis

Sit high: 450-550mm. According to the NO.500 digit value of the calf length and foot height. The front edge of the sitting surface is 30 ~ 50mm lower than the knees and the radius of the curvature is 25 ~ 50mm. Sitting on the moderate. H = calf popliteal fossa high + shoe thickness (20-40mm) - proper clearance (10-20mm)

Sitting deep: GB 400 ~ 440mm, rest seat with 480 ~ 600mm. Designed with a depth of 5th percentile. T = seat thigh horizontal long -60mm (gap)

Angle of seating and backrest: the angle between the seat/backrest and horizontal level. Rest chair 19 °~ 20 °; 98 °~ 112 °, working chair 4 °~ 6 °; 95 °~ 100 °.

Armrest height: refers to the upper edge of the handrail to the sitting distance, armrest height generally take the cushion above the effective thickness of 200 ~ 300mm.

Sitting wide:> 380mm. Armchair 460mm. Sofa and other rest chairs> 480mm, usually 520 ~ 560. B = the width of body shoulder + the thickness of winter coat + activity margin

Backrest height: the lower edge of the scapula is appropriate. Waist waist cushion 250mm is appropriate. Waist with the back of the different angles have changed.

Seat cushion: in the sitting surface with a soft and hard cushion, you can make the contact support area increases, so that the pressure dispersion.

The difference between the engineering chair and the ordinary chair


From the overall appearance of the high-end ergonomic computer chairs and ordinary computer chairs , it can be seen directly, high-end computer chair is obviously more stable and more durable, and cheap computer chair is very thin.


Engineering chair chassis, solid structure, bearing capacity in line with international standards. The pulley moves without sound, flexible and durable. Work chair chair legs generally have four kinds of materials, chassis and pulley bearing gravitational, safety, durability and other general computer chair strong.


The back of the traditional computer chair is fixed, the work chair pillow position can be three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation, so that our cervical spine is very soothing, relaxed. In addition, the engineering chair base, five claws, with a more stable and stable metal texture.


Ordinary chairs can only meet the normal use of ordinary users, each part of the rigid body can not make the corresponding changes, and ergonomic chair is different, it will try to adapt to the natural form of the human body, can effectively protect the spine health.

What kind of office chair is good?

Three-point support

The back of the angle and the surface can be adjusted, the neck, back and waist have a good support: head and neck can be adjusted neck pillow support, the back of the adjustable surface to achieve the support, and a certain resilience. Feather waist can be adjusted to achieve the support of the waist pad.

Seat cushion shape

The general computer chair is a sponge cushion. Good cushion is generally thicker than normal, and has a concave curve, to adapt to the buttocks curve, plays a good support and protection for the body, while a comfortable sitting, line-like seat is a good choice.

Seat material

Leather seats look more upscale, but the textile fabric is more comfortable and breathable. Among them, the mesh material is the preferred material. Sandwich mesh cloth, good ventilation, friction, soft, under load, breathable and resilient superiority, color, beautiful and generous.

Armrest details

Select the adjustable armrest, and the left and right armrest height can also be adjusted separately. After adjust to the appropriate position, there should be a locking device to lock the armrest to prevent bounce or fall. Can be lying on the back of the computer armrest is best connected to the back of the chair.

Height depth

Each person has a different height and leg length,and it is more comfortable to choose a lift working chair with a free stepless adjustable seat height and a seat that can accommodate a seated depth. The edge of the cushion has a front and rear edges can bend the waterfall elastic edge design, can release the lower thigh pressure,

Chassis wheel

Stainless steel or aluminum alloy made of 5 claw chassis more thick and stable, safe. Chair roller rolling to smooth and smooth, in the carpet and other rough and flexible surface can be freely rotating, metal roller is better, excellent products will be wrapped in metal roller flexible rubber.

Lift mechanism

Air pressure bar (gas spring) lift in the performance and economy to achieve a good balance. The pneumatic bar used in the computer chair should pass the SGS, CATAS test or related safety certification. It is safer to install protective steel plates with a thickness of 2-4 mm under the seat surface.

Price and brand

Computer chair prices due to material, brand, style, function, technology and other different gap is relatively large, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand prices. But the selection of a good brand is the most important, because the brand manufacturers computer chair shape, quality, service is guaranteed.

How to choose children's computer chair


Children's computer chairs are generally designed to colorful, angular appearance. Among them, the choice of the back is particularly important, parents and friends can go with the children to buy, let the children live experience, carefully observe and ask the child experience feeling.


Children's computer chair should not be too high, the computer chair cushion from the floor of the location of the best control within 50cm. In addition, the cushion width requirements between 43-55cm, the child is so moving, so the stability of children's computer chair is better, cushion to soft elastic sponge to fill.

Environmental protection

From the material point of view, the current market of children's furniture is generally the majority of pine, these are good plate, regardless of the price, material or safety considerations are suitable for children. So parents want to go to the regular shopping malls to buy children's computer chair.


Children's computer chair prices are high and low, but in general more expensive than adults Generally the cheapest children's computer chair all need more than 100 yuan. Slightly better children's computer chair price almost two hundred or so, is also the most people to buy, the better four or five hundred or so even higher.

Analysis of explosion of computer chair

The cause of the explosion

Reason 1, the gas inside the gas is not filled with nitrogen gas, or nitrogen purity is insufficient, resulting in the gas is not stable enough to explode.

Reason 2, the pressure bar wall is too thin, not strong enough or poor material, resulting in the pressure bar is not enough pressure, resulting in an explosion.

Reason 3, the chair base interface design is unreasonable, the incision is too rough, the seal is not tight, leading to gas flaring.

Reason 4, the use of repeated movements, will suddenly sit down and other violent movements can become a problem lifting arm explosion booster. 

How to prevent

First choice of regular manufacturers is the first step to ensure safety, and secondly, the back of the computer chair should be consistent with the human body's curvature of the chair, the chair of the soft and hard fit, it is best adjustable high and low, do not buy when the purchase is too cheap The product. Finally, pay attention to the quality of pneumatic bar. In the test seat when the chair can be raised to the highest, and then slowly release the pressure bar, if the chair directly down to the bottom, then the quality of gas rod, but off, if it is a little bit down that gas rod quality is good.

A guide of computer tables and chairs

Match one

There are many types of computer chairs, different materials and different styles. While the computer table optional relatively small. If you do not consider the color, style with only need to see what looks like, what material, what function, how the price on the line.

Paired with two

Choose a black computer chair will be simple, because the black can be with most of the color of the computer table with. To black and white computer chair, for example, the following black computer chair, simple and stylish, home, office are applicable, and suitable for a variety of computer tables with.

Match three

If you want to choose a cloth computer chair, it is simple and gentle, very suitable for home use. And do not worry about the problem of stain cleaning, because the chair back to washable. If the summer feel hot, can be removed cloth back.

What is a gaming chair?

Electric sports chair, that is, electronic sports seats, is referred to as the electric shock chair. The gaming chair is specially designed for people who play video games. Electric gaming chairs are no longer limited to game seats, has been widely popular in people's work and learning and production sites. Has a very high ergonomic, not only practical first-class, decorative first-class, very comfortable and healthy.

The chair is properly seated

1 spine in the maintaining the natural curve at the same time, let the upper body and thigh into 90 to 105 degrees angle, the easiest way to support the upper body, reduce the lumbar pressure;

2 thighs and calves should be maintained 90-105 degrees angle, thigh level on the ground, calf vertical ground, so that the legs to share the support of the body to reduce the hip load;

3 with the keyboard when the upper arm and arm should be maintained at the angle of 90 to 105 degrees, and get moderate support to avoid excessive shoulder or stay up and cause shoulder discomfort;

4 head naturally erected, eyes flat forward, flat eyes fell on the computer screen in the middle or slightly on the position, the screen and the eyes should have an arm left and right distance;

5 feet all foot on the ground, too high from the ground can be placed leg health pedal. So that the knee slightly higher than the thigh, you can ensure smooth leg blood circulation.


If you sit for a long time that poor work chair of unreasonable design, sitting uncomfortable, will affect the human blood circulation, destruction of the human digestive system operation, disrupting the body metabolism, but also threaten bone health, leading to cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, shoulder periarthritis and other diseases. So the correct and comfortable sitting and a high quality comfortable computer work chair is very important for health. This issue will explain this, more content, please pay attention to the knowledge of the auditorium.