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What Color Is Good For The Game Table?

Oct 31, 2019

"Everything is difficult at the beginning." The choice of Internet cafes in decoration is the beginning of an Internet cafe to do everything. Of course, choosing the Internet cafe desk is also the top priority of the planning. Because it is the beginning, this is the key, in the choice of Internet cafe tables. At the time, the style, size, and material are important, but the color is more important, because the color of the Internet cafe table has certain psychological implications for Internet cafes.

The color matching effect of the Internet cafe table, for the Internet cafe operators, good color matching can explore many potential customers. Although, the Internet cafe decoration that makes people forget to return is also indispensable for the color matching of the overall environment. However, no matter what the color or decoration level of the Internet cafe table is, no one can ignore it. Of course, we can't make the most detailed analysis of the decoration environment of the entire Internet cafe, but we can talk about what color is good for the Internet cafe table.

Some of the Internet cafes are in cool colors, that is, the "walls" of the Internet cafe tables are warmly colored, and the "walls" are made of ordinary red bricks, so that a reasonable mix of colors will give players a new look. However, some of the materials used in the "walls" of the Internet cafe tables are MDF and fireproof decorative panels, which are sturdy, tidy, beautiful and fireproof. The color selection of such Internet cafe tables depends on the consideration of the purchase.

The color selection of Internet cafe tables and chairs, first of all, the color of the Internet cafe table surface. Under normal circumstances, the Internet cafe tables are all fireproof, and there are also glass surfaces on the top. The color of the Internet cafe table is also various, although the style of the fireproof board is Less, but the color of the Internet cafe table glass is still relatively rich, so that the Internet cafe table can be more diversified and more eye-catching.

Nowadays, the decorative colors of the mainstream are harmonious, natural and yet beautiful. It is necessary to emphasize individuality and elegance. You may know the matching of different colors. For the internet cafe table, there are certain skills, because the color of the table is Personality, such as red, yellow, orange, is a warm color, it can bring exciting feelings; cyan, gray, green, is a cool color, giving people a quiet, elegant feeling; black, white is extremely color, In the Internet cafes, you can use them, but they are all in the local, in order to achieve the effect of embellishment. The color also depends on the size of the space. Generally, the large and spacious Internet cafes should be warm, and the narrower ones should be cool. The warmth of people should be less, and the color of people should be cool. In the south, the climate is warmer and should be cool; in the north, the climate is colder and warmer. At the same time, there is a relationship between colors and colors. Therefore, the choice of color is very important for the overall environment inside the Internet cafe.