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What Are The Four Rules Of The Game Table And Chair?

Nov 04, 2019

What are the "four rules" of Internet cafe tables and chairs?

First: durable

We start at the source and start with the selection of raw materials. The most important points, the fabric of the Internet cafe chair, always adhere to the car skin with increased wear factor; the sponge will use the styling cotton, no matter the fluctuation of the market sponge market, insist on the use of high-priced styling cotton. The skeleton of the chair and table always adheres to its own production, the quality can be controlled automatically, and the materials are standardized.

Second: comfort

We also know that the Internet cafe chair is a tool for netizens to sit for a long time, and it is also a tool to defend the "face" of Internet cafes. The development and formation of each Internet cafe chair, and finally to mass production, requires a large number of masters and cad\3dmax designers, constantly changing the sample, constantly adjusting, constantly trying to sit. Finally, after the sales department, promoted.

Third: appearance

With the above two conditions, it is also necessary to give the netizens a feeling of being in front of them and attract them to come to the Internet cafe for consumption. This project requires our strong creative team, mainly through the 3DMAX3 dimension to constantly modify the computer, and participate in many large-scale furniture exhibitions, drawing on some unique shapes of office furniture, and applying it flexibly to our Internet cafe furniture.