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What Are The Benefits Of A Lifting Table

Dec 17, 2020

Now it is more and more popular to use lifting desks. Is it really as good as advertised? What are the specific benefits?

The specific benefits are mainly reflected in its ability to effectively and reasonably avoid the disadvantages of sedentary office.

So I will share with you the disadvantages of sitting for a long time from the opposite perspective. The advantage of using an elevator table is that it can effectively solve or avoid the following problems:

If you sit and work all day, it will have a bad effect on your body, such as those involving your heart and lungs, obesity, and, at worst, premature death. So standing at the right time and exercising in a reasonable manner are of great benefit to your health.

1. Sedentary work style will make you vulnerable to cardiovascular disease

Whenever you engage in physical activities, such as walking and jogging, or even simple standing activities, your body will send signals to your heart in order to transport more blood and distribute more oxygen to your organs. It is of great benefit for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

2. Sedentary work style may lead to premature aging

People who are physically inactive are prone to ageing. This happens when the telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes are damaged due to inactivity. These telomeres are the key to delaying the aging process, and proper activity can effectively change aging.

3. Sedentary work is one of the main causes of arteriosclerosis

A sedentary work style will increase the probability of thrombosis. When blood cannot circulate in your body, your organs will be damaged, so people who sit for a long time are prone to cardiovascular disease.

4. The sedentary work style even makes a person vulnerable to cancer

Inactivity poses a high risk of breast cancer and other types of tumors developing in the body, which is why exercise and proper standing are always recommended when you sit in the office all day.

5. Sedentary work can damage muscles and bones

Sitting for a long time will reduce muscle strength and damage the bone structure, leading to arthritis and osteoporosis and fragile osteoporosis.

6. A sedentary work style will reduce brain activity

Sitting for a long time will reduce brain activity, cause personal response delays, hinder his normal thinking and work process, and lack of correct brain processes can lead to anxiety and depression. Therefore, proper standing and exercise can not only promote physical health, but also effectively enhance brain activity, thereby improving work efficiency.

7. Sedentary work style leads to high blood pressure

Hypertension is a troublesome chronic disease because it is one of the main causes of heart attacks. Since childhood reading, most people have maintained a long-term sitting posture, which makes the probability of suffering from high blood pressure much higher. Especially at work, the problem of long-term sitting posture is not changed. However, these problems are under proper standing and exercise. Can be solved easily.

If you use the lifting table, when the user feels uncomfortable due to sitting for a long time, the height can be adjusted, and the standing office method can be adopted to relieve the discomfort caused by the sedentary office. This work mode that can be switched anytime and anywhere not only makes The physical health of sedentary office workers has been improved, and standing office can also improve work efficiency to a certain extent. Such a humanized desk also solves the individualized work problems caused by different occupational positions and different body shapes. For example, in the graphics industry that requires the height of the desktop, the staff who are too fat and too tall are given a unified standard desk. Specialized problems such as the influence of size can be well solved by the use of intelligent desks.

---By Weiwo