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Versatility Is Important When Using An Elevator Table

Mar 19, 2021

As the hazards of sedentary sitting are increasingly recognized and valued by people, more and more companies choose lifting tables as their new office tools.

A table that can be raised and lowered at will, bringing a healthy office where you can sit and stand alternately. However, after all, it is used in the company. Factors such as personnel changes, load-bearing office equipment, and desk board sizes are different, which also put forward corresponding requirements for the versatility of the lifting table.

Therefore, when a company purchases a lifting table, it must also consider its versatility to meet the individual needs of different employees and companies.

electric standing desk

1. The height versatility of the lifting table

The staff's height varies from high to low, and the postures for sitting and standing are different. A lower initial height and a higher elevation height are required to meet extreme conditions.

The lifting range of the Lege Lifting Table is 60~1230cm, which is suitable for sitting and standing postures from elementary school students to 190cm adult height. There is basically no need to consider the height issue too much, and it is more versatile.

2. the versatility of the size and color of the lifting table

Some companies like to buy only the table frame that can be raised and lowered, and choose their own personalized table. However, the table frame of the general lifting table is fixed and non-adjustable, and the corresponding matching table plate has limitations. In response to this situation, the desk frame of the Lege Lifting Desk has been specially treated. The beam can be freely expanded and contracted, and the expansion range is 1100~1800mm. Tables of different sizes can be selected according to the office space or usage requirements...

electric adjustable desk frame

When purchasing desks and desks, different companies have different office styles, and the color requirements for desks and desks will also be different. For example, silver is more fashionable, white is more fresh, etc. In response to this situation, the desk of the music lift table The board and table legs have different colors to choose from, users can freely match according to their needs, and the range of choices is wider.

table top

frame color

3. The load-bearing versatility of the lifting table

If employees only work with laptops, there is no need to think too much about the load-bearing structure of the desk. However, in industries such as IT, design, finance, etc., there are many employees who are suitable for two, three, or even four or six monitors... This requires that the lifting table used has a larger load-bearing range.

The Lege Lifting Table is made of Baosteel's high-quality steel, the key parts are thickened by 2-4mm, and the inner 16mm thick metal screw is used. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 100KG. Whether you are using 4 or 6 monitors, it can move up and down smoothly and at a constant speed.

In this era of increasing pursuit of tailor-made materials, the versatility of the lifting table becomes more important. It is the most troublesome thing to buy the table but not use it. The Weiwo lifting table has the same appearance but can actually meet a variety of individual needs: it can not only meet the needs of people of different heights, but also take into account the color and size preferences of different people, and at the same time can carry a variety of office equipment. You can feel more at ease when you buy the products.

--by Weiwo 

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