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Type Of Executive Chair's Base Material

Aug 22, 2017

一:At present,Everyone chose the executive chair with adjustable function,cybraina spend more and more time in computer,rigid,formula one-like routines of office space can never satisfy people's needs.So the executive chair that colorful,new design,easy to use,emphasis on personality development,focus on human become and more. but,It's not enough that only have modeling or only have founction.No matter at home or in the office,The design of the working space must be sensual base on rational,which means profssional and personalized.

  Many executive chair's high is not up to standard,which made people have pain in back,how to adjuste the executive chir in optimun condition?

  Firet,we should adjuste the executive chair in the best high according to the job nature. sometime we even need to change a pithair.once the high of the dask has been fixed.we can adjuste the chair's hight according to the desk hight.

  A good executive chair is not only should be seated comfortable,but also should be a high degree of freedom in vertional direction and horizontal direction.Which means large adjustable range.It's very important to chose a comfortable chair.A good chair should with double pneumatic function,which means it's hight and backrest angle can be adjustable.

  When you choose chair,you can sit down and feeel if the backrest is soft, If the back curve of the chair can fit the curvature of the human spine and fully support back,If wist can reduce back load and make sure the right sitting position,If the sit cushion is wide and thick,can Comprehensive support,not only can reduce the impacting force that happend by body's wight while sitting down,but also can relase long time pressure on the hips at his dest.relase the heart and body,improve the working efficiency.

 At the same time,you should also pay attention to caster.If it's safe and fluency,If it can rotate freely on the carpet,If the caster's platic texture is too hard to hurt the floor.

二:Put a back cushion,keep the sitting positon,It can relase the pain of lumber muscle.But use pillow also have many knowledge,First,the pillow must put on the waist,put on the back is useless,because normal body's spinal have three physiology bending,ther are not grow on one line because of the physiology demand,Thoracic spine are backwards ,convex cervial and lumbar spine are forward,looking from the side, vertebration looks like two s connect.because of this physiology characteristic,waist and back can not on the same plane.