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Top 5 Racing Gaming Chairs

Apr 01, 2021


1.Zero Gravity Massage Gaming Chair for Dota


You don't so much sit on the Wiwo series chairs as you become one with it. Between the velour head pillow and a memory foam lumbar support cushion, every part of this gaming chair is designed to mold itself around you, providing you with the best comfort possible.That said, this isn't a beanbag, you get the ergonomic support you deserve from a premium gaming chairs such as this. Comfort and durability also take center stage here—closely followed by style. Zero gravity massage

2.Back Support Gaming Chair

gaming-chair (2)

Gear up for game day any day of the week at your gaming computer desk or TV whenever you pull out this racing gaming chair. Designed to give you the ultimate gaming experience this computer game chair has a reclining back with adjustable lumbar support. If you need support, you have a headrest pillow and lumbar pillow that are adjustable and can be removed by unsnapping while the adjustable pivot arms offer pressure relief from your upper body.

Gamer need ergonomic office chairs that keep them comfortable for many hours and this reclining gaming chair with adjustable lumbar support will provide optimal support. There's a separate lever to recline the back 87° ~ 145° while the lever underneath the seat controls the seat height and locks the chair in an upright position. You'll enjoy endless hours playing your favorite video games on this ergonomic PC chair.

Now this is the way to get your game on, relaxed and reclined in your desired position. Whether you need to lean back just a little or a lot this adjustable back office chair has your back. Complete your gaming experience with our red gaming ergonomic desk with cup holder and headphone hook or black gaming desk with cup holder, headphone hook, and monitor/smart phone stand.

3.Racing Gaming Chair

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Mesh chairs are great for keeping you cool since the whole thing is breathable. They're popular in offices but there's no reason you can't have the same comfort while you game. Weiwo must have been thinking the same thing when it came up with the Triigger 350 SE, a gaming chair that features both a mesh back and seat. up to everyday wear and tear. And everywhere else that isn't made of mesh, you get the soft feel of calfskin leather.


4. New Design Color Optional Computer Racing Gaming Chair

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we doesn't want you to overheat while you're gaming, so Weiwo  gaming chair is built with a mesh backrest for a higher degree of breath ability. Mesh doesn't mean a lack of durability though, as this chair is constructed on a steel frame and can support up to 275 pounds. That frame is encased in a molded foam for comfort. You'll also get a wide seat with a decent range of height adjustment, making this a viable option for tall and short gamer alike.

The Res pawn 205 gaming chair offers some basic adjustments beyond height. For one, you can raise and lower the armrests, letting you better position your arms for ergonomic use of a keyboard and mouse. It can also recline back to 130 degrees, and can lock in three positions. 

5.Executive Office Chair

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Our ultimate dream is to have a racing style gaming sofa and while we're not there yet, at least Weiwo has given us a racing-style armchair. Executive Office Chair features padded lumbar and neck support , while the padding of the actual chair is a little stiffer than you would find in a lazy boy.In its standard configuration, the racing style gaming chair basically has you sit up at attention. Of course, like a recliner, you can lie back in this chair as well and it'll tip all the way back to 160-degrees for when you can just relax and watch live streams or E-sports matches.


If you need a certain kind of game chair, our company also produces this kind of game chair, please feel free contact us.


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