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The Standard For A Health Mesh Chair

Nov 15, 2017

What are the standard for a health mesh chair?

First, we must pay attention to ergonomics;  

Second, we must pay attention to the appropriate support;

Third, you can retain the natural curve of the human body back seat;

Fourth, sit up very comfortable, but also be able to use for a long time;

Fifth, light, fast, accurate adjustment system;

Sixth, safe and reliable five-legged chair legs;

Seventh, safe, flexible and durable wheel chair;

Eighth, very strong and durable, will not cause scratches.

It would be a real good chair to meet the above points.

However, the chair is not a kind of office furniture that can be separated from other objects. Therefore, when it comes to the good and bad of the chair, it is impossible to take into account the surrounding environment, the main work of the user, the operation mode and other so on. But a good conference chair has an extremely direct impact on employees, so buyers must be careful.

Shopping focus:

Help to maintain the natural curve of the back of the spine.The lumbar curve by the unnatural oppression when sitting,, so as to affect their health, the back must be attached to the human body mechanical lumbar cushion, so that sit down, the incision to maintain the natural curve of the lumbar spine for a more comfortable and healthy posture.

Comfortable and can sit for a long time.In addition to maintaining a good body curve, a chair must not forget that is to sit comfortably,but to sit comfortably, cushion is of course extremely important, generally speaking, the chair cushion is preferably integrally formed, so as to maintain flexibility is not easy to deformation, because of the extremely important effect muscle has on supporting the body, the excellent cushion naturally provides appropriate support to the body, which in turn can reduce the fatigue, so the softness of the cushion is too high or too low will not work. Although this also involves the weight of a person, a really good quality cushion will still have a certain degree of weight tolerance. Even if the user is sitting on it for a long time, he will not feel overly tired.

The seat must conform to the third curve of the body curve.

Curved seat can increase the contact area of thigh bottom and buttocks with the seat, so that the pressure is evenly distributed, will not be concentrated at a certain point, but also because of a slight tilt, but also to stabilize the pelvis effect, to avoid sitting will slide forward, in addition,the rounded seat design, but also reduce the inner knee friction and exposure, great health benefits.

The fit of the chair

Although you can buy different office chairs because of the different nature of work, most of the chairs are actually not restricted in use. Therefore, when the chair is purchased, the chances of being purchased are greater. For example, , the chair can be adjusted according to the user's body movement, because the user can not have only one sitting posture, and if it is restricted to death, the chair is worthless.

Chairs can be tilted to different parts of the chair there will be different tilt parts,generally can be  divided into the following: back, seat, waist can be tilted; back tilt, the seat is not tilted; seat front and back can be tilted;the back can be tilted and so on five types, buyers in accordance with the internal work of the company to purchase different types of work, so attentive staff, will be greatly effective.