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The Second Bad Contemporary People Choose For Their Computer Chair

Sep 26, 2017

1,How to chose a suitable computer chair.

  The current Youth Groups growing dependence on computers,daily study and work are inseparable from the computer,Especially energetic nocturnal 3 porint line up early every day and night of college students office white collar,College group are more simple to used to play computer game,Just buy computer for study are excust to cheat parents to pay money.They can seating a long day befor the computer and don't eat or drink anything.Even though commercial office building's worker is for money,but sitting in front of my computer time is not shorter than college students.

  No matter which reason, Final result is the time in front of the computer is longer than laying in bad.In the increasingly focus on preserving the health contemporary china.There is a growing demand for sleep quality, but little attention has been paid to the quality of work at work. Even if there is a young and strong body, it is difficult to stop with all sorts of occupation disease and occupation disease.

  Computer chairs are second beds for today's people Even as many experts racked their brains and figured out many ways to ease the computer use syndrome, how many heavy computer users listened to them?. The reason these are passive intermittent protective measures, and when the game play happy or suddenly tense up, who will take time to do these protective measures in the short term is difficult to chicken ribs bear fruit. The key to the solution is how to provide full protection as actively as possible.

2 thousand yuan keyboard collocation hundred dollars seat appropriate?

One of the major reasons for the popularity of office equipment in the current ergonomic market is the need to protect health and find the right ways to protect our health. Even in the case of the price is not dominant, many ergonomic design products still have their broad loyal consumer groups, the market is broad and bright prospects.

Sitting on an ordinary chair for a long time, the harm to the body accumulated over time

In many of the products that protect the health of computer users, computer chairs have been in an awkward position. For example, there will be a large number of game players spend thousands of dollars to buy key mouse peripherals, but long-term sitting hundred yuan chair. No matter how much faith or recharge it is, there is a small amount of consumer behavior.A large number of gamers spend thousands of dollars on key mouse peripherals So, for a computer user who is serious, what position should a computer chair be in? Personally, it is our second bed, and in terms of time, detachment can even take the place of the bed. Many people misunderstand the play and work is the consumption of physical things, but in the current Home Furnishing brand launched large ergonomic design of the computer chair, alleviate or even eliminate the long-term use of computer on the consumption of the body is no longer empty talk.

3 how do you define ergonomic computer chairs?

  The current computer chair market demand of users in fast development speed, high-end foreign brands continue to expand the mainland market, domestic brands in the market positioning, product workmanship materials also have a comprehensive understanding. Of course, we need the concept of human body engineering, computer chairs have a clear understanding, there are so many fake products on the market.There are a lot of bad waste products on the market

A major feature of human engineering computer chair that can be fully adjusted according to the user's specific meticulous habits, such as high-end product promotion six to adjust, or can be carried out according to the sitting cushion, pillow, handrail, chair back angle, height, depth adjustment, the computer should not only meet the ergonomic chair to sit needs, but also achieve the purpose of long-term use will not fatigue.

The current one is the essential equipment in computer chair

The current high-end Internet cafe market rise and the cell division like speed in the country to promote computer configuration and key mouse peripherals are high-end gaming equipment have a fever level, a machine no million are said to be open Internet cafes feel shy.

4, most conscience enterprises with more than 1000 yuan seat

Almost all occasions, in addition to a small number of conscience of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs like Luo Yonghao freshmen, computer chair all equipped with the company are basically less tens of dollars to more than a few hundred dollars, long-term use of days and months multiplying will inevitably have a variety of occupation disease or the occupation disease. Therefore, it is necessary to add a decent chair, after all, cherish your body, there will be the revolutionary cost.

How do you choose a good ergonomic computer chair? We can from the product market positioning, workmanship, materials, engineering design, adjustment and other aspects of evaluation. First of all, a new chair can not emit a pungent odor, the overall use of the fabric and material of the chair is that human contact can not stimulate or hurt the skin, these are the most basic

requirements.High end computer chairs can't give off a pungent smell.The back of the chair, according to the product positioning, we certainly recommend more expensive metal based framework, the use of multi layer composite metal structure is more prominent. Of course, if the budget is insufficient, the plastic back chair is acceptable with metal as the framework. In the chair surface material, individuals tend to comfortable breathable, light and durable mesh cloth material.

5, how to choose a conscience chair scientifically?

Compared to leather chair surface, the net cloth is not only comfortable and breathable, but also has a good quality of package and support. At present, the market of high-end computer chairs, mesh surface material to the United States, South Korea, Taiwan based, domestic cloth in quality, toughness, support, parcels and other aspects of universal

Of course, ergonomic design of seat surfaces and cushions also requires attention. The current popular high-end products in the two or three chair backrest surface design, can provide a full range of waist support, foundation cushion is at a height and angle adjustable added before and after the adjustment, the basic arm can do six to adjust, the computer.chair back after it is connected to the back armrest and the best together.

   The following is the purchase of a computer chair pneumatic rod, a few years ago appeared arch-criminal computer chair explosion is pressure rod, even today about this time is still a lingering fear, so the proposal to buy the pressure with SGS or CATAS certification of the bar, the bottom line is to have the anti explosion plate.alk about how to choose macro ergonomic computer chair may be somewhat abstract, finally the author recommended in the market, the higher visibility evaluation preference of several products, hope that after reading, it can provide some reference to help in the future purchase.More than 10000 yuan of computer chairs, after all, not mainstream consumer groups can afford, then we will use a few more affordable products.When the current severe computer users increasing, computer chair this relates to the importance of health equipment has become increasingly prominent, serious people also began to face the problem, after all, as with the body with the longest time in bed is computer chair, invest more funds for a human engineering computer chair is not only responsible for their own. Is responsible for the family.