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The Purchase And Collocation Method Of Home Computer Tables And Chairs

Aug 16, 2017

We often use computer tables and chairs in daily life, so how to choose a set of own computer chair is a very necessary thing. But for me, comfort is the most needed point when we choose my chair. In view of the fact that most players do not pay more attention to the computer tables and chairs, so how to get a comfortable tables and chairs is this topic. Strictly speaking, this market area that computer tables and chairs should be drawn to the furniture market. Furniture stores have a richer source of goods and have more opportunities.

Purchase method

   People who often use computers should sit in a healthy posture are satisfied with "three right angles":


   Three right angles is means that the knee of the leg and the thigh to form a right angle; hip and waist to form a right angle; elbow joint of the front arm to form a right angle.

   When we achieved those three right angles, we will not make our body backwards or forwards because of the neck feeling uncomfortable. Healthy sitting posture make the skeleton could load the evenly bear the weight of the various parts of the body. We have to keep the upper body straight, especially the neck, need to stand up and get the head to get support, Shoulders naturally drooping, as close as possible to the body, elbow bending about 90° . Do not lift your wrist when you operate the keyboard or mouse, otherwise the wrist easily tired, so should keep our wrist horizontal posture. The palm do not always keep the adduction and outside of the posture, the best posture is keep in a straight line with forearm. If we want to protect the lumbar spine, we have to sit straight and the waist also should be straight, naturally the knee will bend about 90 °and keep the feet of the sitting position.

  From the three right angle of the illustration can be seen that the computer table to achieve three right angles must be satisfied with two points. First of all, the positive of the face the front of human leg can not have a baffle, so that the thigh can be deep into the table under a distance. For this point, people should be pay more attention when we select our computer table, because there is a baffle below the some of tables, although this enhanced the stability of the table, it could not be placed naturally for everyones legs and contrary to the ergonomic design ideas, so that the first right angle could not be came true.

In addition, the best table is equipped with the keyboard and the mouse drawer, so that the armrest of the computer is too long and against the table, which couldnt achieve the arm and elbow vertical. If the computer desk could not accommodate the mouse and the keyboard at the same time, it could not guaranteed the third right angle, so everyone in the purchase should try to have a mouse and keyboard inside the computer desk.

Except for the request that should be able to meet the three right angles, the comfortable chair must have a large solid back. Professional game chair have the outstanding cushion in the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, it can be combined with the neck, enhance the neck comfort and avoid cervical disease effectively. Expect the height of the cushion can be adjusted, the backrest angle should also be able to adjust within a certain range, when we feel tired after use the computer a long time, we can recumbent on the back to rest. In the material aspect, the inside material of the chair must be the high density foam, this type of foam not only ensure the softness of the sitting feeling, but also assure the long year is not deformation, in other words, the rebound ability is very strong. But the cushion that some of poor quality chairs will collapsed after sitting for a long time.

      However, for the normal computer chairs, the backrest is must be not swing and to make people naturally sit and rely as far as possible. The armrest is also very important, its height should be at the same height as the mouse and keyboard on the computer desk, when the arm put on the armrest, the height difference between the wrist and the horizontal table should be between 1cm and 2cm, so that the muscles of the arm will not be tight when we control the mouse,  which naturally meet the third right angle.