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The Programmer Is Not Tired From Typing Code, It Turned Out To Be Because Of This!

Jan 22, 2021

Question: How can programmers not be tired by typing code? 

Answer: After installing the monitor stand.

For programmers, working overtime has long become commonplace. In many cases, in order for new projects to be delivered on schedule, they have to work overtime, or even all night. Due to the particularity of work, it sometimes takes more than 12 hours to sit and type codes in front of the computer every day. Over time, the wrists, shoulders and necks begin to ache, and the body becomes more and more tired. Occupational diseases follow...

In the IT industry, the most common occupational disease is cervical spondylosis, and 9 out of 10 people are recruited.

cervical spondylosis

Why is the cervical spine problem so prominent in the IT industry?

IT programmers are basically sitting and working in a posture for a long time. In order to relax the body, they will unknowingly tilt their upper body forward and bend over and lower their heads. This causes cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.

The findings of the American Doctor of Spine Surgery showed that bending over and lowering the head endangers the health of the cervical spine. The greater the head tilt angle, the greater the pressure on the spine, the maximum force can reach 27.2kg, which is equivalent to a 7.8-year-old child. If things go on like this, it is easy to induce cervical spondylosis.

Cervical pressure

If there is a problem with the cervical spine, the body naturally feels tired. The more tired, the lower the efficiency, and the longer and longer working hours will be. This forms an endless loop.

So, how can this situation be improved?

The most straightforward method is to sit upright, raise your head and back up and type code to reduce the stress on the cervical spine.

Refer to the following diagram for the correct sitting posture:

correct sitting posture

It is not that simple to adjust the sitting posture. There are also many people who have to bow their heads and bend over because the display height is too low. If you want to sit in a correct posture, you also need a professional monitor stand-the Weiwo monitor stand.

Weiwo LCD monitor arm

Weiwo's full-dimensional rotating monitor bracket allows the monitor to cater to your comfortable viewing angle and obtain a healthier and more comfortable office posture:

460mm large span height adjustment, raise the monitor to keep the same height in the line of sight, and then write the code with the head up and the waist-the cervical spine is more comfortable and the body is healthier.

Weiwo LCD support monitor arm

Of course, in addition to adjusting the sitting posture and viewing angle through the monitor stand, for good health, it is recommended that programmers also pay attention to developing good life and work habits in peacetime. For example, exercise more after get off work and avoid watching the screen for a long time. Every hour of writing code, let your eyes take a break and move away from the computer screen, etc.

--By Weiwo