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The Point That We Should Pay Attention When We Select The Safety Car Seat

Oct 18, 2017

When choosing a safety seat, you should pay attention to the following questions:

●The seat should have a BSA safety mark.

When buying a second-hand car seat, pay attention to check the lower side of the car and the back of the car to see if there is a cracking place

Should pay attention to metal, dark plastic and other devices, because no matter how long the car parked in the sun, these places are the most likely to heat.

Check whether the seat belt is suitable, it is convenient to tie up. It’s particularly attention if the car on both sides of the door are often open to use.

Imagine whether you can move your seat from the car to the room.

When you buy, please note whether have cushion to support the head, if any, the baby will be more comfortable to sit.

Can all the hoods be washable?

How long will the seat last?

  ● Can the seat be used with the base of the baby car? Is it suited for you?