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The Perfect Cardio Exercise In The Office! It Only Takes 10 Minutes!

Dec 31, 2020

The British Heart Foundation recently conducted a small survey and found that only 19% of people are willing to leave the workplace to rest for a while, and only 3% would go to the gym. Among the 10 white-collar workers, 4 walk for less than 30 minutes a day. More than 33% of white-collar workers will be delayed on the work station and will not go to the toilet...

"I don't have time to exercise" "No place to exercise" "Too hard"..., No! Stop making any excuses. With the following perfect aerobic exercise in the office, which only takes 10 minutes each time, what excuses do you have for not exercising?

1. 1 minute squat

Squat is the trump card exercise for thigh. The squat happens to be the action that most requires a large lung capacity and a strong heart. The standard for squats is to keep your back in a straight line, hip joints lower than knee joints, and knee joints not to exceed your toes. Incorrect technical movements can damage the knee joint.

weiwo hangzhou

2. 1 minute side plate type, hold each side for 30 seconds

Focus on the muscles on both sides of the waist, and can do fine adjustments to the entire core muscle group (waist, abdomen, back).

side plank

3. 2 minutes lunge, each leg supports 1 minute

Extend the front legs of the T-step and bend them. The back legs are stretched straight, that is, the front legs are arched and the back legs are straight. The toes of the arched legs are straight to the side, and the toes of the straight legs are straight forward. The leg of the bow requires the calf to be at a vertical angle to the ground. The thigh and calf are at an obtuse angle slightly greater than 90°. The center of gravity is between the legs. , You can also look at the front side.


4. Push-ups for 1 minute

Keep your upper body straight, with your hands shoulder-width apart, your fingers forward, your legs tight, and your upper limbs straight and bend at a constant speed. Push-ups mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the chest muscles.


5. Bend the donkey kick for 1 minute, 30 seconds for each leg

Put your hands in front of you, kneel with one leg, and swing the other leg back as far as possible. The bent donkey kick mainly exercises the shape and strength of the anterior and outer thigh muscles.


6. 1 minute bench bending arm support

Use the power of your triceps to lower your hips to the floor, slow and controlled. Continue to lower your body until your forearm and forearm form 90 degrees, or elbow flexion to 90 degrees. Pause briefly, then slowly prop up your body with your triceps and return to the starting position.


7. Kick after straight legs for 1 minute, 30 seconds per leg

Put your hands in front of you, kneel with one leg, straighten the other leg, and swing back as much as possible. Straight leg kick mainly exercises the shape and strength of the back muscles of the thigh.


8. 1 minute sitting and swinging arms

Sit on the machine, straighten your upper body, lay your lower limbs flat forward, and bend your hands to do the arm swing when running, mainly to exercise the shoulder and upper arm muscles.


9. 1 minute plank support

The whole body is straight, the upper limbs are bent on the elbows, the forearms are parallel forward, the toes are straight, keep the body in a straight line, and breathe calmly for 1 minute. The whole body exercise that consumes physical energy can fully exercise the rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, and transverse abdominis, as well as the muscles of the legs, back, and buttocks.


By--Weiwo Technology