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The Installation Of The Computer Chair

Dec 13, 2017

The development of the Internet is very quickly.Computer chair are now widely used in peoples work,study and production sites.Computer chair with ergonomic performance, is conducive to health, its very important for choose a computer chair.

Many friends bought a computer chair from the Internet, the seller sent a bunch of separate parts, this time dumbfounded, the buyer did not installed. Others want to move the computer chair apart, do not know how to dismantle. In fact, whether dumbfound or install are very simple.  

First.computer chair installs

1, first of all the components placed one by one, the position have a ruler 

2, Then remove the screws from the back of the computer chair and  install the tray

3, Then the wheels installed on the five wheels immediately on it, directly install,very simple. 

4, Then put pressure on the bar on, followed then buckle the computer chair tray is basically finished.

5, After the basic completion, you can adjust the gas lift up and down.   

Second.The computer chair installed and dismantle

The computer chair removable design is inverted cone, that is to say when the installation is directly inserted, do not need screws, welding and other methods. Therefore, when disassembled, the gas directly to the bar to the highest (easy to start), take the hammer along the lifting bar around the chassis, it will automatically fall (do not always knock a point, the quality of the chassis is easy to knock bad, Can knock around the ring). As long as we can certainly believe that it can be knocked directly. The longer the time the more chair is tight, it will be difficult to knock.