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The Greatest Value And Skills Of Electric Standing Desk

Feb 04, 2021

If you have created an intelligent lifting system environment, then we must use it rationally in order to maximize the value of the intelligent lifting system furniture.


1. How to use:

The use of the smart electric standing desk is very simple, you only need to press the up or down key to reach the height you want and adapt to you of different heights.

Our intelligently developed lifting system has passed long-term endurance and safety testing, and fully meets the safety and environmental protection standards, and can be used with confidence.

It can be raised and lowered quickly in a silent manner, and keep the lifting table stable. In terms of load-bearing, the ordinary lifting table can reach 125 kg, and it can bear 2 perfect weights of you.

 standing desk

2. Stand and stand alternate office

The use of the intelligent lifting table is very simple and fast. It can reach the height you want with one key and adapt to any height. The lifting system developed by Tianshi intelligently can lift and lower quickly and silently, keeping the lifting table stable.

Those of you who are used to sitting office may not be comfortable and comfortable with standing office. But you still need to start slowly. If you want to immediately change the habit of sitting office and choose to work standing all the time, you have already made a huge mistake. Suddenly standing for a long time will cause great pain. You must change your habit by alternately using your electric standing desk while standing and sitting.

At the beginning, you only need to stand for a few minutes, and then sit for a few minutes to allow your body to adapt to this alternate method. There is no golden rule, and there is no need to set a fixed time. The only rule is to increase the standing time gradually and slowly. As time goes by, you will feel relaxed after your body adapts to this method. If you work for a long time, you will consciously choose to stand or work upright to improve your health.


3. Don't stand like a statue and move!

When using the intelligent lifting system table, keeping a posture will make you feel uncomfortable, so when standing, you can use an anti-fatigue mat to change your posture. Or take a proper rest for 1 minute and move your feet. This will relax your body.

Standing for a long time will cause pain in the feet and even the calves. Putting something soft under the feet can solve this problem. Such as thin cushions. You can even buy an anti-fatigue mat with a comfortable ergonomic design to help you reduce the pressure on your feet.

The soft surface can reduce the pressure on your feet, allowing the blood in your feet and even legs to pool. Therefore, if you want to use your sitting table correctly, it is necessary to equip it with a soft cushion.


4. Don't forget to rest!

If you bought a great electric standing desk, that doesn't mean you should use it continuously. Proper standing posture and proper exercise are definitely good, but you still need to rest! If you are always immersed in your work without taking a break, you will start to be irritable, reduce work efficiency and distract. Rest at work is necessary.

Although the electric standing desk is very helpful for improving your health, if you use it incorrectly, the electric standing desk is no different from an ordinary desk.

Therefore, the correct use of the electric standing desk can give full play to the maximum value, and ultimately let you have a healthy office life.