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The Gaming Chair’s Features

Dec 06, 2017

The gaming chair's features:

1, fabric mix: According to the comfort test results by European seat expert, the back material use dedicated soft leather with the sports car, cushions use imitation car-specific leather material that a litter hard,flanking part still using the high praised racing special particle cloth decoration.

2,Color mix:Absorbing the classic red and black of F1 racing car,blending the concept of black and white grid pattern,perfect interpretation of F1 spirit.

3,Visual effect: the fashion overall shape, not only practical first-class, but decorative too, to achieve a seat from pragmatism to the new vision of perfect transition.

4, Steel Skeleton upgrade: Based on the original optimize the internal framework, the skeleton part of the overall thickening 1 mm, enhance comfort, safety and more secure.

5, The filling sponge upgrade: use the domestic high density foam sponge, the first use of imported racing seat sponge, through 100,000 times no deformation test.

6, High straight backrest: to make up most of the low back of the computer chair and resolve the issue that the head and neck can not rest on, but also keep your hips and waist at the right angle posture, to satisfy the first angle that the medical profession recognized in the three right-angle posture.

7,180-degree adjustment: you can adjust the backrest to any angle you feel comfortable for rest; even can be placed nearly 180 degrees,lying on the nap, rest and sleep; especially for a long time computer office or game owners.

8, Adjustable armrest: the armrest can be adjust to the appropriate height, making the elbow that the keyboard mouse for a long time was 90 degrees, satisfied the medical profession recognized the second right angle, effectively avoid shoulder and wrist due to prolonged fatigue led to slip Shoulder and humpback.

9, Five-star iron base: free to move, safe and strong, rich metal texture and modern style, for the "mobile office" brought great convenience.

10, The height of the lift function: According to the height of the desk or computer desk, the seat will be adjusted to the most comfortable height, super flexibility to show your wonderful.

11, Accessories rich and flexible collocation: such as head pillow, lumbar pillow, pedals, etc, for health and comfort to provide more auxiliary equipment.