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The Gaming Chair Can Completely Relieve Your Fatigue

Feb 24, 2021

As a programmer and video game enthusiast, I am a heavy user who can't do work and entertainment without a computer. The high-intensity work makes me physically and mentally exhausted. Outside of work, playing games is basically my biggest hobby after busy work, and it is also one of my best ways to reduce stress. After I finish my work every day, I sit in front of the computer and play games to relax my body and mind. It is a very pleasant thing.

However, without a good chair, sitting on the computer for a long time will cause health problems such as lumbar and cervical spine. I didn't pay much attention to this aspect before. Recently, I always felt very uncomfortable with backaches and cervical spondylosis. In order to avoid and alleviate this situation, I plan to choose a comfortable and ergonomic chair. With the development of e-sports projects, professional e-sports chairs came into being. The recently purchased Vivo e-sports chair is such a good chair. Its design is more ergonomic, and as a professional e-sports chair, it is also more Being able to adapt to the use scene of games allows me to effectively protect the cervical spine, lumbar spine and coccyx while playing games.

gaming chair

Appearance and details

As a professional seat manufacturer, Vivo has more than 20 years of experience in car seat manufacturing, and also covers computer seats and office seats, and has created many safety seats with both quality and comfort for users. The gaming chair series is one of several Vivo gaming chair series. The huge outer packaging must look like a big seat. The outer packaging is firm, sturdy, and very simple. The brand LOGO Wiwo is particularly eye-catching.

The backrest of the chair is very thick. Sometimes the details are the key to the experience. The height of the backrest is about 90 cm. It is made of high-quality PU leather. The new backrest has no peculiar smell when taken out. Health and safety are standard.

The backrest adopts the integrated foaming technology that is usually only used for high-end car seats. Compared with the traditional padded gaming chairs, the foam thickness is significantly thicker, the elasticity is better, the comfort is higher, and the sedentary is not tired. This technology Generally, GM special cold foam sponge is used to avoid the use of glue, which ensures that the seat is healthy and tasteless.

Compared with the traditional steel bar and cloth belt design, the backrest adopts the serpentine spring process of general car seats, which is more durable and softer.

It can be seen from top to bottom that the fully ergonomically designed entire backrest is streamlined and conforms to the curve of the human back. When the back of the body is close to the back, the entire back of the human body fits perfectly, which can fully relax the muscles when in use, thereby improving Well protect the cervical and lumbar spine.

The widest part of the upper part is the shoulder blade support and protection position. Sitting on the upper part of the shoulder can fully relax, without causing soreness. Further down is the lumbar spine protection position, this design allows the lumbar spine to always be in a correct sitting state without feeling sore. The lowermost part is the caudal vertebra support protection position, which is slightly raised to bring more comfortable use experience to the caudal vertebra.

The seat cushion area and the leg guards on both sides are naturally integrated, with no gaps, no dust, and easier to clean. Even if you are sitting on it and enjoying food, you are not afraid of debris falling on the seat. The all-steel frame and thickened foam make the entire seat more flexible and durable. The measured sitting feeling is more comfortable, and it feels not tired after sitting for a long time.

The gaming chair is equipped with a waistrest and headrest made of the same PU material, which is soft, comfortable and elastic, and fits the neck of the human body better, allowing you to fully relax during a short break. The soft and elastic waist can be close to the tail vertebra, bringing a comfortable feeling.

Gaming chair


Of course, after the assembly is completed, I can’t wait to experience it first. As you can see from the video above, the armrest can be adjusted back and forth, or up and down. The adjustable distance between front and rear is about 6 cm. The size range of the armrest is 7 cm. Need to be individually adjusted to the most comfortable position.

The height of the cushion can also be adjusted, and its adjustment range is 10 cm. That is to say, the highest position of the cushion is 10 cm higher than the lowest position. It can be seen that the adjustable range is relatively large and can meet the requirements of different sitting habits. The cushion is quite smooth and smooth during the upgrade process, and there is no lagging phenomenon.

Vivo gaming chair, whether it is playing games, chatting online or listening to music, the cushion is soft and comfortable, the ergonomic streamlined backrest, and the arc-shaped design on both sides of the backrest make the entire backrest fully fit the spine, bringing the most comfort Experience. From the cervical spine, shoulder blades, lumbar spine and tail spine, I feel that every part of the body has been fully cared for.

When using a computer, some people like to put the whole arm on the table, and some like to put only the wrist on the table. According to personal usage habits, you can adjust the armrest of the seat to decide whether to support the arm. I think This is great and it suits me very well. When the height of the seat is adjusted to the highest and the height of the armrest is also the highest, the total height of the armrest from the ground is about 80 cm, which has exceeded the height of 70 cm of the ordinary computer desk. When the height of the seat and the armrest are adjusted to the lowest, The total height of the armrest from the ground is about 63 cm. Therefore, the height of the armrest can be adjusted to the height of the computer desk. The armrests made of soft PVC material are flexible and fully support the arm, and feel very comfortable.

If you use the computer for a long time, the cervical spine will inevitably be uncomfortable. At this time, I always put the headrest cover on the headrest, and the whole head rests on the headrest. The headrest fits closely to the neck, which can effectively eliminate the long-term use of the computer. Fatigue and cervical pain.

Facing the computer monitor for a long time, you will inevitably experience a little visual fatigue. At this time, you can also lie down and take a nap to relax. Use the stepless angle adjuster of the seat to adjust the angle of the backrest as you like between 90 degrees and 155 degrees. The soft and elastic headrest and lumbar support, and the ergonomic streamlined backrest design, make the backrest fit the human back completely, as if lying on a bed, so that the neck, back and tail can be completely relaxed and fully released Fatigue brings a comfortable experience



1. Through the development of e-sports business, Vivo, as a professional seat manufacturer, is also known as the characteristics of the new era of associated e-sports chairs. It is also exclusive to professional teams, and it is also a good choice for home use. The following is me Experience during this time:

2. The Vivo gaming chair is full of sincerity in terms of materials. The back and cushions of the important parts of the chair are made of safe, odor-free high-quality PU. The integrated foaming technology of high-end car seats in technology makes the all-steel frame completely It is commonly used in high-density sponges, with superior support performance and strong impact resistance. Adopting the serpentine spring industry special for General Motors, it is durable and elastic, and it is more comfortable.

3. The streamlined design of the seat back is more ergonomic and fits more closely to the human back. Every curve design brings intimate care to the cervical spine, lumbar spine and tail spine.

4. Large size, high-quality leather and dual-density sponge technology, sedentary without wrinkles, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials ensure that the seat is odorless, the integrated cushion design, the entire cushion is seamless, does not hide dirt or accumulate dust, Cleaning is quite convenient.

5. Multi-dimensional adjustment, whether it is seat height adjustment, stepless angle adjuster adjustment of the backrest, and front, rear, left, and right, and up and down adjustments of the armrests, it can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable position. The stepless angle adjuster of the same model of GL8, matte texture, delicate hand feeling, freely adjustable between 90-155 degrees, no frustration. Used with the headrest, it allows me to lie down and rest while the game is fighting, so that I can relax my body and bring a comfortable experience.

It is recommended to equip special gloves and small accessories for unpacking during product synchronization.