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The Game Chair Reduces The Pressure On The Cervical Spine

Oct 26, 2017

Game chair refers to the use of the human body in a certain space movement and the cursor movement in the computer is related to the operation of the game device, belonging to the entertainment puzzle machinery manufacturing technology.

In order to solve the problem that people lack sports, Gaming Chair poor physical coordination ability, or many hazards caused by playing games for a long time before the computer, the present invention proposes an entertainment game chair.

A good game chair allows you to be more comfortable in the course of the game, get the best game experience and reduce the fatigue caused by the game.

The game chair is certified by the international ergonomic authority certification body, and after the design, the Asian body size of the detailed optimization of the game chair. The overall design of the game chair is a classic all-inclusive support from the car, and the traditional racing game chair is known for its ability to wrap the body, but the hard game chair material makes the comfort of the game chair Drop, AKracing this concept into the office chair and be optimized, large cushion design, effectively reduce the hip muscle strain; Gaming Chair use imported high-density sponge as the game chair interior filling, so that the game chair to keep high wrapped force At the same time, reduce the hardness of the game chair, improve comfort, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fatigue.

The back of the game chair is also a big bright spot. Backrest using racing-style high-straight design, increased most of the game chair did not increase the long head, make up most of the lack of head of the computer chair to rely on rest, reducing the pressure on the cervical spine, can effectively prevent cervical pain and other fatigue problem.

Of the high back and back design to provide users with adequate support for the waist, allowing you to maintain the medical profession recognized the best sitting, "three right angles" sitting (that is, calf and thighs, hips and waist, forearm elbow Become a right angle) one of the keys. General office chair back more "thin", a serious lack of support, Gaming Chair so that most of the white-collar workers in the work of unknowingly bent over, the formation of lumbar pain and other occupational diseases, and the game chair with the correct sitting position can be very good solve this problem.

The flexibility of the game chair is also a great manifestation of excellent ergonomic performance. Can be combined with a different height of the computer table, Gaming Chair easy to "three right angles" the best sitting position, both sides of the adjustable handrails can also meet the needs of different users of the body in order to form the arm bent this one right angle, effectively avoid the shoulders and wrist Long time fatigue caused by slippers and humps.

The back of the game chair with 180 degrees adjustable technology can be for the user lying down to rest, for the backrest adjustable game chair, the most stress is the quality of the regulator and the game chair center of gravity.

Game chair backrest regulator with imported rod adjustment, Gaming Chair durable and adjustable precision, so that the real free control.

The swing chair used in the game chair is a lockable pulley, which not only protects the wood floor from scratches, but also makes the center of gravity more stable and does not cause slipping accidents, Gaming Chair so that users can feel at ease Fragrant.

Game chair selection of imports of four gas rods to greatly improve the safety performance of the game chair, but also in the chair base, also equipped with nearly one centimeter thick explosion-proof plate, in order to minimize the risk of explosion.