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The Game Chair Is Breathable

Jun 20, 2017

Game chair, refers to the use of the human body in a certain space movement and the cursor movement in the computer is related to the operation of the game device, belonging to the entertainment puzzle machinery manufacturing technology.

Background technology In the social progress, the rapid development of science and technology environment, material life is also increasingly rich, people are increasingly demanding spiritual life. Many people in modern society lack of exercise, poor physical coordination; Gaming Chair or many people stay in the computer for a long time before the game, causing great harm to people's health. According to our survey, now on the market this combination of entertainment and fitness machinery is not much, compare the advantages and disadvantages of these entertainment equipment, there is no one through the body movement to operate the game machinery. Therefore, Gaming Chair the invention starts from the aspects of game and fitness movement, and designs a new type of product combining entertainment and fitness.

Game chair is a subversive traditional seat concept, breaking the traditional seat production process, change the traditional seat material of the epoch-making new products. The game chair is to follow the unique human design concept, ergonomic, light cavalry game chair with advanced car drilling skin, Gaming Chair perforated beautiful, generous, with wear-resistant scratch resistance high temperature, three characteristics, good ventilation, clean It is also more convenient. The perfect blend of iron frame and advanced car punching skin can prevent the chair from growing in the process of bacteria. Product design trend fashion, simple and generous.

The contents of the invention

The game chair through the movement to improve people's physical coordination, the body get exercise, and can achieve the effect of entertainment. The invention solves the problem that the game chair is mainly composed of a swing mechanism which swings in a horizontal plane and an upper and lower swing mechanism which can swing in a vertical plane. The upper and lower swing mechanism is fixed to the left swing lever of the left and right swing mechanism, and the upper and lower swing mechanism can swing together with the left swing lever. Gaming Chair The seat is fixed on the rear swing mechanism of the upper and lower swing mechanism, the left and right swing mechanism is driven by the foot pedal mechanism, the upper and lower swing mechanism is driven by the hand wheel, and the swing parameter of the left swing lever and the rear swing lever Detect and enter the computer, Gaming Chair thus controlling the movement of the cursor on the computer screen.

The game chair is an excellent game deck, enthusiastic players must be drooling more. It is packed with high-tech features combined with unique style and comfort. It heads 3D stereo speakers, in addition to 12 vibrating motors and adjustable volume control arms split controller, plus a backrest folding and remote control and beverage holder. Such a beauty, and even doubles as a massage chair set for multiple massage chairs. It supports other game accessories such as steering wheel and games such as iPod, PS2, XBOX and GameCube.