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The Function And Function Of Computer Lifting Table

Dec 01, 2020

Modern research shows that sitting for long periods of time has become one of the chief culprits of high incidence of human diseases. Sub-health states such as obesity, three high threats, cardiovascular disease, waist and neck discomfort, and even premature aging and sudden death all have sedentary shadows behind them. It also shows that the calories consumed by standing is 3 times that of sitting, and it also has a positive preventive effect on joint diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and stomach diseases. As a result, the sitting-stand alternate office is recognized by more and more people around the world, and standing office furniture has become an important choice for many companies and families.

So how do we choose the right standing desk according to our environment?

First of all, we need to start from our own needs, if you are working on a computer for a long time at the desk and already have a fixed desk. You can choose a desktop computer lifting table as a lifting table for an existing desk.

In addition, taking into account the frequency and function of the computer, the normal standing desk has a certain weight. Female friends can choose the electric lifting type. If students write more, they can also use a simple, small-size and light weight. Men choose a desk with a high lifting range. In short, choose on demand. Don't choose the expensive price or the cheap, just choose the right one

The main function of the computer desk is to work when sitting and standing alternately. The main function: to avoid the sub-health state brought about by sedentary.

If you have other ideas and requirements for the computer desk, please leave a message, or contact us directly.

Remember that health is the only thing. Only by having health can you have everything. How many hours have you been sitting today? Remember to sit and stand to be healthier. I wish you all the best in your work and life!