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The Four Rules Of The Game Table And Chair

Nov 06, 2019

What are the “four rules” of Internet cafe tables and chairs?


Let's start from the source and start with the choice of original data. The most important points, the fabrics of the game tables and chairs, always adhere to the car skin with the addition of wear-resistant factors; sponges adopt the styling cotton, no matter the market sponge market faltering, insist on the adoption of high-priced styling cotton. The skeleton of the chair and the table always adheres to the consumption of the person, the quality can be self-controlled, and the specifications of the materials are opposite.


We also know that Internet cafe tables and chairs are tools for sedentary users, and they are also tools for defending Internet cafes. The development and formation of each Internet cafe table and chair, from the initial mass production, requires a large number of apprentices and designers, has been changing the sample, has been conditioning, has been trying to sit. It was first introduced through the sales department.


With the above two conditions, it is also necessary to give netizens a bright feeling and attract them to the production of Internet cafes in the past. This project requires our weak invention team. Secondly, it has been corrected by computer in 3DMAX3 dimension, and participated in many large-scale furniture exhibitions. It has created some common appearances of personal tools and applied it sensitively to the outside of the Internet cafe tables and chairs.

The price

The factory is mainly relying on the amount to maintain the operation of the factory, the sales price is generally not high, the complete can be called, the quality is cheap. Let more Internet cafes lose more benefits, but also push the brand of Internet cafe tables and chairs higher and go further.