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The Ergonomic Difference Between Working At A Standing Desk Vs Sitting

Apr 02, 2021

More and more office workers sit and stand for a long time, causing excessive pressure on the lumbar spine and back, and they are immersed in various aches and pains every day. Someone put forward the idea: you can stand up office! It is indeed possible, but from an ergonomic analysis, what is the difference between standing office and sitting office?

Whether Standing Or Sitting Is Scientific

In fact, both options are scientifically effective, because ergonomics is a science related to human posture, not the "best" position of the body. None of them is perfect. Exercise and posture changes are essential to the health of muscles, spine and posture. No matter how humane your ergonomics is, sitting or standing at the table for 8 hours a day is not good for you.-1 The main disadvantage of sitting and standing alone is the lack of flexibility in positioning and the inability to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions. At this time, researchers spent more than a year developing the world's first intelligent adjustable height desk to help office workers switch between sitting and standing at will. It has a digital display that allows you to save the height settings of two users and switch freely. This means you can change the height of your table multiple times a day, within a few seconds each time. Think about it, when you are relaxing on the sofa or elsewhere, you will change your posture to maintain your comfort. This is what you are trying to achieve through desktop settings. Remember to take a walk and walk around in the office every hour or so.

Ergonomics In Working At A Standing Desk

Our ergonomic design is aimed at human factors and based on operator activities. Their requirements, the equipment used and the operator’s style in the control room design to optimize their health and overall system performance. A recent ergonomic study conducted on people sitting in a relaxed position shows that our head tilts forward about 8 to 15 degrees at a viewing angle of 30 to 35 degrees, and we will feel good!

An ergonomically adjustable desk is a feasible solution, especially if it has enough movement range to meet your needs, and you have an ergonomically adjustable chair, and enough Range of movement and sufficient support. However, if you are standing on a hard surface, your shoe design is inappropriate, wearing high heels, being overweight, or your lower limbs have circulatory disorders, back problems, foot problems, etc., standing office is not a good option. select.

Ergonomically speaking, there are some general truths about the biomechanics of the body, but the solution can be more personalized according to your body structure: height, weight, age, pre-existing conditions, how you work, etc. Experts also suggest that, for prevention, you should change your posture regularly between standing and sitting, especially for those with weak backs.

What Is Standing Desk?

Electric standing desk, a desk whose height can be adjusted remotely through a hand control panel. It can be used in homes, individuals, and office spaces.

Compared with ordinary desks, the main function of the electric lifting table is that it can solve the problem of sedentary office work, allowing users to change their postures through physical activities such as standing and sitting. At the same time, interrupting sedentary behavior can prevent back pain. Moreover, the electric lifting table can also meet the use of multiple scenes and multiple groups of people, such as: sedentary office workers, creative workers, students, people with cervical and lumbar soreness.

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