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The Difference Between An Esports Chair And A Computer Chair

Oct 22, 2019

In fact, the esports chair is also a kind of computer chair. The biggest difference between it and the ordinary computer chair is the fundamental difference in design concept. The computer chair is designed to make it easier for people to use the computer, while the esports chair is even further. It is convenient for people who are esports games. Therefore, compared with ordinary computer chairs, the esports chair has a multi-functional design and is more comfortable, and the e-sports chair produced by the regular factory must be ergonomically designed.

Feature of product

 E-sports chair thickened explosion-proof chassis, effectively improve the safety factor using SGS certified four-stage pneumatic rod soft PU package racing silent wheel, almost no damage to the floor.

Design highlights

The desire for victory is inextricable. On the battlefield, the Warriors will not hesitate because of morality, nor will they fear because of death. Wisdom puts the exquisite technology to the fullest of the bloody wings, and the warriors who are good at war gather for this and bravely triumphantly. E-sports chair, let you become the god of death on the battlefield, killing and killing, and achieving heroes. This esports chair adopts SGS-certified four-stage air pressure lever, which greatly enhances the safety of the chair, and relieves the peace of mind in the game without any worries.

material analysis

This esports chair features a unique one-piece steel frame process that quenches and condenses the entire steel frame to enhance chair life and load bearing performance. Steel frame, four steel bars, uniform force, sufficient material, to create a stable and stable chair. Thicken the sponge cushion, the high rebound refuses to soften and collapse, the sitting comfort is doubled, and the strong players do not have to worry about the sponge being used. The multi-function adjustment armrest adopts the ergonomically designed soft PU wrapping armrest surface, which fits the arm curve, and is adjusted in 7 steps, which is flexible and adaptable to meet different usage scenarios.