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The Comfort Of The Game Chair

Jul 17, 2017

The game chair is modified by the study of Asians' sitting, and the overall design uses a classic all-inclusive support from the car

The back of the game chair uses a racing car with a high straight design. Most of the computer chair backrest is relatively low, the head and neck can not rely on the rest, the game chair is well satisfied with this.

The overall design of the game chair is a classic all-inclusive support from the car, and the traditional racing seat is known for its ability to wrap the human body, but the hard seat material makes the seat comfortable Down, this concept into the office chair and be optimized, large cushion design, effectively reduce the buttocks muscle strain; use imported high-density sponge as the internal filling of the seat, Gaming Chair so that the seat while maintaining high wrap force at the same time , Reduce the hardness of the seat, improve comfort, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fatigue.

Game chair backrest using racing-style high-straight design, increased most of the seats do not have the long head, make up most of the lack of head of the computer chair to rely on rest, Gaming Chair reducing the pressure on the cervical spine, can effectively prevent cervical pain Such as fatigue.

Dedicated seat for the details of the grasp and human design have reached a very high level, at first glance can give a very professional first impression. Moreover, this and the car seat is more similar to the dynamic style + streamlined design is also consistent with the characteristics of e-sports. Chair surface material from the texture point of view should be high-level synthetic leather, soft to the touch, and the edge of the suture with a combination of tight, rigging in position, reflecting the good details of the workmanship.

Gaming Chair Adjustable handrails in the center of the chair to become another highlight of the gaming special seats, the armrest can be adjusted to the appropriate height, support the user for a long time to operate the mouse elbow 90 degrees, slow down the shoulder and wrist fatigue Resulting in the shoulder and hunchback problems.