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PU Leather Swivel Gaming Racing Office Chair

Aug 08, 2017

Tools/Material:phillips screwdriver.


   After you receive the package,First,chack the package that if it's without damage.Next,Start to install the base and rubber wheels.Don't forget to chack if the wheels'safety lock are instact.

   After install the base,we start to install the armrest.when you install the armrest,pay attention to the screw tightness.Too loose,armrest will be loosen,Too Tight,will sliding.

   After install the armrest,we start to install the most important part-seat cushion.you juet need to connect the base and seat cushion.Althought this step is very important.but very easy.

   After install the seat cushion,now start to install the backrest.Backrest and seat is connect with a steel bar.After you bond the steel bar,you can bond the steel bar and seat,then bond the steel bar and backrest.when you connect them.you should pay attention to the screw tightness.Except it.you should also rember to put on decorative cover.

   Now nearing completion, and start to install headrest.It can also put it to five step,Install headrest is very easy.you just need to tighten the triangular screws by hand.

   Chair has been assembled. Everyone who used chair knows:KARNOX gaming chair is durable than normal chair.and it's satisfy ergonomic,so you will feels very comfortable when you sit on it.At home,gaming chair is not widespread,First cross-Strait ACG Carnival's gaming chair,are sponsored by KARNOX.Many Anchors are used in this gaming chair.

   Notic:Pay attention to the backrest's operation and the up down operation. parts of gaming chair.jpg