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PU Game Chair With Ergonomic Design

Jul 04, 2017

Gaming dedicated PU game chair for the details of the grasp and human design have reached a very high level, at first glance can give a very professional first impression. Moreover, this and the car PU game chair is more similar to the dynamic style + streamlined design is also in line with the characteristics of e-sports. PU Gaming Chair Chair surface material from the texture point of view should be high-level synthetic leather, soft to the touch, and the edge of the suture with a combination of tight, rigorous position, reflecting the good details of the workmanship.

Adjustable handrails in the center of the chair are another highlight of the DXRACER gaming gaming chair, which adjusts the armrest to the right height and supports the user's long elbow for 90 degrees, PU Gaming Chair slowing the shoulder and wrist for a long time Fatigue caused by the waist and hump problems.

Gaming dedicated PU game chair has now become a lot of e-sports tournament game dedicated PU game chair, DXRACER gaming dedicated PU game chair design and workmanship are very good, really feel good when used, PU Gaming Chair but the price is not a lot of money Users can accept, this fever-level game equipment is more suitable for game enthusiasts use, the pursuit of PU game chair comfort and gaming gamers can pay attention to this product.

Game chair is a subversion of traditional PU game chair concept, breaking the traditional PU game chair production process, change the traditional PU game chair material epoch-making new products. The game chair is to follow the unique human design concept, ergonomic, light cavalry game chair with advanced car drilling skin, perforated beautiful, generous, with wear-resistant scratch resistance high temperature, PU Gaming Chair three characteristics, good ventilation, clean It is also more convenient. The perfect blend of iron frame and advanced car punching skin can prevent the chair from growing in the process of bacteria. Product design trend fashion, simple and generous.


Easy to store: small size does not take place where the video game city can be stacked to facilitate the clean-up and finishing the venue for professional video game city environment independent research and development of new models of electronic games city chair.

Comfort: sedentary is not tired, its cushion with high-level car drilling skin design, breathable, give you a new experience of the buttocks. Back design wrapped strong, you can reduce the oppression of the waist. Using advanced car stereotypes sponge, the same type does not fall off.

Fashion: Ergonomic design, comfortable. The design curve is nice and stylish. PU Gaming Chair There are a variety of colors to choose, so that your video game city more fashionable.