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Office Mesh Chair Details About Cleaning And Maintenance Knowledge

Nov 08, 2017

Office furniture maintenance knowledge:

1wooden furniture maintenance

Natural wood furniture products, its greatest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, and many changes in the natural of color. Because natural wood is a constantly breathing organism, it must be placed in a temperature and humidity environment, while avoiding the beverage, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of the wooden surface. If the United States resistant plate material, when more dirt, you can use the diluted neutral cleaning agent with warm water wipe once, then wipe with water, remember to use a soft dry cloth to wipe residual water stains, to be completely wiped clean, and then use the maintenance wax grinding bright, even if you're done. Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, can make wooden furniture for a new life.

2, leather furniture maintenance

Leather has good heat resistance, humidity and ventilation and other characteristics, coupled with the natural non-directional nature of the woven fabric, regardless of flat, hanging were even uniform applicability; In addition, the leather dyed not easy to fade, and has elegant color , excellent touch and bright appearance, it has been deeply loved by consumers. How to maintain the moving appearance of leather products? Cleaning on the weekdays is the key. General maintenance just use a clean soft cloth lightly of wipe, if you want to clean up the long-term use of the resulting dirt, the best way is: First, use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1% -3%)  wipe , and then wring the water wipe the cleaning fluid, and finally polished with a dry cloth, to be fully dry after use the right amount of leather care agent can be evenly wiped.

3, Cloth furniture maintenance

The most commonly used in the chair and sofa fabric, its comfortable touch and rich colors, so that the traditional furniture looks more diverse. Common maintenance methods: when stained with dust, sand and other dry dirt, just gently tap or vacuum cleaner net can, as granulated sand, you can use brush smoothly light brush, but do not use bristles to avoid damaging the cloth. If you get into the drink, juice can be used to wipe the towel with a towel, and then dissolved neutral detergent with warm water wipe, and then use a clean soft cloth dry, and finally to low temperature drying can be.

4, Steel furniture maintenance

Solid and durable steel furniture is the most common office, especially the ideal cabinet and other products, but also an indispensable storage tool in the office. Steel office furniture is presented in the exterior section and can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth, but avoid the use of rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine, decontamination oil) or wet cloths to wipe, which are scarred,the rust main reason.

Office mesh chair belongs to the cloth furniture, cleaning and maintenance in accordance with the above "3, cloth furniture maintenance" OK!