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Oct 24, 2017

Ergonomic chair selection with computer chair with home style

Many people have such a problem: what they want to buy, they are not clear, but to the side of the Internet to see, while the election chair. If this is the case, then this information may be your concern: what is the current trend, what kind of computer chair you like, for example, like what design style, like what features, their own home decoration style What kind of, the appearance and size of the computer desk is how it is.

1, pay attention to computer chairs and computer tables, home improvement style with the problem


Many people in the new decoration or marriage to buy furniture, will consider buying a new computer chair and computer desk. If you have not really want to buy what type of computer tables and computer chairs, then in order to facilitate the computer desk and computer chairs with, you can consider the first selection of computer chairs, and then select the computer desk.


Because there are many types of computer chairs, such as science and technology, warm family type, there are different materials, there are different styles. The computer table optional, relatively small. Of course, if you do not consider the color, style with things to be simple, just need to look like what appearance, what material, what function, how the price on the line.


If you choose a black computer chair, things will be simple, because the black can be with most of the color of the computer table with. To black and white computer chair, for example, the following black computer chair, simple and stylish, home, office are applicable, and suitable for a variety of computer tables with. At the same time, this computer chair has the function of protecting the health of the spine, sitting, lying can be more comfortable.


If you want to choose a cloth computer chair, it is simple and gentle, very suitable for home use. And do not worry about the problem of stain cleaning, because the chair back to washable. But also because the back is removable, if the summer feel hot, remove the fabric back, you can feel the same fresh. It not only has a typical home for the warm and comfortable, at the same time, tired of sleep, you can also according to their favorite point of view, receded.


If you do not like a chair with a rotating function, you can also choose a bow chair. It uses the international popular European fashion style, simple and comfortable for the same family.

2, choose to protect the spine of the computer chair


White collar for a long time sitting office, often easy to back pain and do not say, the key is to affect the spine health. To know that medicine believes that spine health will affect people's one-third of life, so the choice of computer chairs, must be selected to protect the spine health.


There are friends like leather chair classic business sense, in order to more comfortable to protect the spine, easy to rest, this computer chair not only in the back of the use of sub-thickening and comfortable design, while 155 degrees of large rear angle, The


3, choose your favorite material


Computer chair by material classification, mainly divided into net chairs, leather chairs, cloth chairs. Different people, different needs, different people's preferences are different. According to their own situation on the line.


For example, the south weather is hot, so many southerners like the net chair. In addition, because the net chair has a stronger fashion sense of science and technology, a lot of people like science and technology, will also like the net chair; leather chairs, a lot of people like business mature more happy; cloth chair, is a very popular international Computer chairs, loved by the warmth of the petty bourgeoisie white-collar workers.

4, on the price


The price is usually higher than the low price of the product is good, and the price is too low nor scientific. For example, many experienced people, usually choose the lowest price will be more than 500 yuan, 1000-2500 yuan is a lot of white-collar workers often choose the price range. In this respect, everyone has their own choice, but do not want to cheap cheap.


Home ergonomic computer chair how to choose, I believe that through the above sharing, we should be harvested.