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Obesity Mostly Comes From Sitting Out

Jan 04, 2021

How does obesity happen? Many people think it's because they eat too well. Is that true?

According to the latest research found that sitting still is easy to obesity, the following specific to understand it: why the range of weight gain is different? One of the reasons is that individuals have different metabolic abilities.

Clinic researchers have found that people with small weight gain often do some small actions that they can't detect to burn calories. For example, some people often move around in their seats or stretch; some people often go to the toilet and often go to the teahouse to pour water; some people often talk to others, and so on. These people will be affected by non sports activities And burn calories and lose weight.

Recently, the US journal Science reported that an American clinic asked 16 volunteers who claimed that they would not be fat even if they ate more than 1000 calories a day for eight consecutive weeks, and they were not allowed to exercise, so as to observe their weight gain and loss. After 8 weeks, the subjects gained an average of 4.5 kg in weight, with the largest increase of 7.2 kg and the smallest increase of 0.9 kg. After calculation, it is found that this form of heat consumption can reach 600 calories per day.

This shows that: even in the workplace, we can find all kinds of excuses to let ourselves move, and gradually reduce the body weight. Sitting still can really make you fat, which is necessary in your common sense of weight loss, so if you want to have a charming figure, you must do a good job in the prevention of obesity.