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New Model Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Reclining Computer Chair

Dec 18, 2017

Detailed  installation steps and methods of gaming chair

  Tools / raw materials  and Plum screwdriver:

Method / step

  When you receive the parcel, first check the parcel is intact, after the inspection is complete, we proceed to the next step.

Next, first install the base, the base and rubber wheel installed ,Here to pay attention to check a wheel safety lock is intact.

  After the base is installed, we will install the armrest of the seat. When installing the armrest, pay attention to the degree of tightness of the screw. It can not be too tight or too loose. Loose handrails will move, tight and will slip silk.

After installing the armrests, we started to install the most important components - the cushions, as long as the connection between the cushion and the base when installed, this step although the most important, but not difficult. After the cushion is installed, it is time to install the backrest, the backrest and the seat is connected by a steel bar, connecting the good steel, the steel bar and the seat cushion will be connected. Now the steel bar and the back connection, the connection should pay attention to the degree of tightness of the screw, in addition , this point have to note, that remember to install the decorative cover.


Now basically has completed, left the last step is to install the pillow, the pillow can also be installed into the fifth step, install the pillow is very simple, that is, a triangular screw hand tighten on the line. Chair fitted, everybody knows that , gaming chair is more durable  than the average computer chair, but also more ergonomic, get up very comfortable.