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Modern High Back Office Executive Swivel Mesh Chair

Nov 21, 2017

Is that important of mesh chair with color ?

Internet cafes business is good or bad, in addition to a lot of the surrounding Internet cafes, their own Internet cafes environment will have a very big impact. Color is the main part of Internet cafes environment, including Internet cafes color decoration and Internet cafes tables, cafes sofa color. Among them, the color of the Internet cafe sofa is particularly important. Here, the main discussion about the color of the cafe chair, the deployment of doubt.

Mesh chair is different from the civilian sofa, office sofa, and even different from other commercial occasions, sauna, foot bath, coffee shop and other sofas. The color of the Internet cafe sofa is rich, in order to show a colorful, magical space, usually from 2 to 3 colors from deployment. Practice has proved that the color can not be too much, advocating no more than three, otherwise it will show trivial, frivolous feelings. Together, advocating the best at least one color can adhere to the environment and the surrounding decoration together, so that the sofa can reach an excellent blend with the surrounding environment, not out of touch.

So, what kind of selection of mesh chairs color is better? There is no rule, completely different from person to person, depending on the environment, depending on the owner's favorite. Here, the most important talk about the deployment of color and color between the link, so that when the owners in the selection, have more information.

Originally, the color is a personality, such as red, yellow, orange, is a warm color system, it can bring exciting feelings; Cyan, gray, green, is a cool color, bring the din, elegant feeling; black, white Is a pole color, in Internet cafes, there are also use, but all in part, to reach the role of decorator. Color also depends on the size of the space, usually wide room should be warm, narrow room should be cool; less room to warm, many rooms should be cool. In the south, the climate is warmer and cooler; in the north, the climate is colder and warm. Together, the color and the phase of contact with each other. China's ancient cultural traditions, black, blue, reminiscent of water; green think of wood; red, purple think of fire; yellow think of earth; white think of gold.

In fact, most Internet cafe owners are faced with a big doubt when choosing or adapting the colors of a cybercafe chair, that is, if the intended color is not attractive. Today, this question has been satisfactorily dealt with.