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Mobile Game Dedicated E-sports Chair

Oct 24, 2019

Since the rise of mobile games, a large number of mobile games and mobile games have appeared on the market. These new forms of Internet cafes have new requirements for sitting. The traditional e-sports chair is not enough to meet the needs of mobile Internet cafes. Mobile game Internet cafes still need to use professional mobile games for e-sports or mobile phone cafes.

Many people may be surprised that the difference between the traditional e-sports chair and the mobile game e-sports chair! In fact, although they are all esports chairs, even the appearance design does not seem to have much difference, but because of the different functions of the two (the esports chair is for the convenience of computer design, the mobile game esports chair is designed for mobile gamers) Therefore, the mobile game e-sports chair is very different from the ordinary e-sports chair, especially in the design of the size of the e-sports chair. This is the most obvious experience of people who have been to the Internet cafes.