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Mistakes In Custom-made Game Tables And Chairs

Oct 26, 2019

Internet cafe tables and chairs to buy, the first quality, then look at the price! Internet cafe tables and chairs are high and low price, but the quality is difficult to distinguish! In order to avoid being blinded by the owners, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of the tables and chairs.

Using black heart cotton to make Internet cafe tables and chairs, this is a common means for many Internet cafes and chairs manufacturers to produce inferior products. To determine whether the Internet cafe tables and chairs use black cotton, first of all to figure out what is black cotton.

1. Black heart cotton misunderstanding

First of all, black cotton is not necessarily black; secondly, the filling of the nets and chairs is not necessarily black cotton.

2.Black heart cotton can be distinguished by the eyes; in general, high-quality cotton color is white, and black cotton cotton does not look so smooth, there are impurities.

3.according to the feel of the black heart cotton; high-quality cotton feel soft, full of elasticity, and black heart cotton feel rough.

4.Through the tear to distinguish black cotton; high-quality cotton is extremely tough, strong ability to resist tearing, and black cotton is almost a tear off. This is also the reason why the Internet cafe tables and chairs made by Black Heart Cotton are not durable.

5. Smell the Internet cafes tables and chairs use black cotton; black cotton is broken with chemical cloth, industrial waste into chemical fiber, so black cotton has odor, more dust, uneven color.

When you customize the bar tables and chairs, you can smell the smell of the Internet cafes at close range; open the fabric on the exterior of the Internet cafe, and then remake the sofa chairs to see if there is dust.

6. Try to burn, black heart cotton in the processing needs to go through the bleaching process, high-quality cotton does not stimulate the smell when burning, and the black heart cotton then rises and there is obvious pungent gas.