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Matters Needing Attention In The Purchase Of Electric Lifting Table

Jan 13, 2021

Load bearing: generally, the heavier the self weight is, the better the material used and the stronger the load bearing capacity is. Those with strong bearing capacity will be more stable.

Desktop: first of all, it should be smooth, the color should be comfortable, and it's better to turn on the light for matte without hurting your eyes.

Table feet: if fixed, there should be anti-skid pads to prevent slipping and scratching the floor. If you want to move easily, you can choose or install the universal wheel.

High memory: it's better to choose the one with high memory function and preset several heights in advance. In this way, each time you adjust it, you can press one key to get it in place, and you don't need to waste your time debugging.

Other functions: these depend on your own needs, such as regular sedentary reminder, lifting speed, smooth line at the table, table color matching, etc.

After reading the above electric lift table dry goods, for how to choose electric lift table should have spectrum in mind. Before we choose the electric lift table, let's think about the following questions

Usage: office or home. Is it for one person or multiple people at the same time. What are the use scenarios, such as when the bar, standing office, playing games, cooking drama, when the coffee table and so on. It's better to move frequently, or to be in a fixed position.

Space: figure out where to put the table and what to put on it. Choose the right table size. Too large may waste space, too small may not be enough