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Luxury Heart Shape Backrest Executive Office Chairs /Colorful Mesh Chair/Swivel Mesh Chair

Dec 01, 2017

Mesh chair placed knowledgeable, you know?

Furniture companies can no longer just satisfied with the manufacturer's role, and now the store is the operator of the platform, the future may be the business itself to build this platform and act as an operator to personally do the terminal sales, but the existing domestic model has not really Come to the end. Now faced with the mode of how to improve the industry how to break through, this is the inevitable development of furniture enterprises in the stage.

For the office furniture, tables and chairs, how to go furnishings, which we should be reasonable and effective to build?

Furniture needs to mix and match, "is also a mix of classical and modern, a family may be rough, useful high-gloss modern, but also very calm, this is a mix and match, I think this is a future direction. To some extent a bit monotonous, flat-style, solid wood furniture gives people feel more life, more calm, so in terms of age is very clear. Whether it is sofas, solid wood desk, office furniture, mesh conference chair Ye Hao , modern furniture Ye Hao , should be the direction of mix and match. "

Nowadays, some consumers often neglect the actual situation of their houses when they choose office furniture. Those who seem to have the right size and moderate color office furniture in the exhibition hall, such as the mesh conference chair, can hardly match their own home. Office furniture made according to the style of the magazine is very crowded at home. This is because consumers are not professional and overconfident. Therefore, the choice of custom office furniture, all the material increase and decrease should be consistent with the design principles, taking into account the support, practical, beautiful, can not wishfully highlight personality, we should pay attention to the reasonableness of office furniture.

In order to avoid unnecessary waste; many people choose to customize office furniture in addition to the pursuit of individuality, but also want to save money, so can not be in pursuit of individuality caused unnecessary waste. If the budget is limited, do not do unnecessary design simply for the pursuit of individuality, resulting in unnecessary waste. If you do too much custom office furniture, but can not save money, the original intention of personality. Office furniture is vital to people's health. In the purchase of office furniture, we must take into account the scale, shape and layout should be consistent with human physiology, psychological scale and various parts of the body's activities in order to achieve safe, practical, convenient, comfortable and beautiful purpose. So some people say that furniture is learned, not necessarily the family, your office, if the furniture is placed well, will naturally improve the efficiency of work, then our desk, mesh office chair, some potted plants How should be placed?

1, Mesh chair can not go straight to the door, as the door for the entire office of the airflow and energy entrances and exits, the seat is right in front of the gate, the gas field will be rushed to the beginning, easily affect a subconscious, God fine system, resulting in temper Hot or unprovoked illness. You can set up a screen at the door or plant, as a solution.


2, Mesh chair should be behind the back (walls or file cabinets), can not carry the door or aisle of the human brain as the brain wave radiation area, but also the human body sensing gas field is one of the most sensitive parts; therefore, the seat behind the most Good is a fixed, immobile things; if someone behind the move, easy to make people nervous, virtually part of the attention to the hindbrain, the long run down will consume energy, affecting work efficiency and health.

3, mesh chair in front of not close to the wall (buffer is not enough), the human eye in front of the long, is to capture more information; if the seat is too close to the wall, but can not see people and things around will result Subconscious uneasiness can also affect the stability of God's system.


    4, mesh chair seat can not be in the photocopier or computer behind the photocopier and computer spill magnetic field is relatively strong, such as close to the seat or the computer is behind, for a long time easily affect their own magnetic field, resulting in physical and mental obstacles , Indirectly, will also affect the fortune. The best is to keep the distance, or in the middle of planting broadleaf plants can, but the plants to be replaced on a regular basis, otherwise it will become the second source of pollution.