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Lumbar Muscle Strain, The Correct Way To Recover

Jan 16, 2021

Early in the morning, I woke up with back pain. With the advancement and development of modern society, many things can be done without leaving home. Sitting for long periods of time has led to many chronic diseases, and is becoming younger and younger. Let’s talk about lumbar muscle strain with you today!

Lumbar muscle strain is actually muscle and fascia strain. Of course, there is a process for this result, and it has a lot to do with the sedentary life and work habits, exercise habits, muscle state (strength, flexibility, etc.), lumbar spine stability, and movement patterns.

Let's take a look at why a good waist is strained?

First, the gradual accumulation of minor injuries leads to lumbar muscle strain. It is not enough to cause the accumulation of trauma to the muscles and ligaments, or the forced posture of the back muscles under high tension for a long time, or the accumulation of minor injuries due to insufficient relaxation of the muscles after each exercise. Bending over and lifting heavy objects, not stretching or relaxing after exercise, etc. can cause excessive stretching of the muscle tissue and a certain attachment point, resulting in a state before breakage. At this time, local reactive inflammation, including local blood supply obstruction, ischemia, hyperemia, hypoxia, and increased exudation, etc., will gradually cause local tissue degeneration. Repeated chronic strain can make this process more and more serious and easily form a vicious circle. Many people cause lumbar muscle strain in this way.

Second, the sequelae of acute lumbar sprain. Acute sprains are very common. After timely rehabilitation, 95% of patients can be cured. However, if early rehabilitation fails and a satisfactory recovery is not obtained, the damaged back muscles are still in a stretched state, or because of the back Frequent activities that affect the normal healing of the tissue, or pull apart the newly healed fibrous tissue due to heavy manipulations such as manipulation, etc., can cause this adverse consequence. Severe low back muscle laceration, even if reasonable rehabilitation treatment is obtained in the early stage, this sequelae may occur. This is mainly because the large area of scar tissue left after healing is less able to withstand normal spine activities and loads than normal tissues. , So that it is easy to be stretched and relax, degeneration and ischemia, and can form a vicious circle. Therefore, for such cases, special care should be taken in rehabilitation treatment, and the incidence generally does not exceed 5% of the total number of acute sprains of the lower back.

Whether it is lumbar muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation, there is no problem in improving the pain symptoms. Symptoms can be well relieved by resurrecting muscles, opening up blood channels, and loosening fascia.

Then by improving the muscle state (increasing muscle strength, improving elasticity, flexibility, etc.), strengthening the stability of the lumbar spine, improving the flexibility of the thoracic spine, etc., the waist can bear more load.

Finally, correct bad life and work habits, correct wrong movement patterns, and improve posture (such as pelvic forward, O-legs, round shoulders, etc.) to keep the body in a normal line of force to reduce lumbar load.

1.Foam roller relaxes muscles

The foam roller is an artifact of the national team to relax the muscles, and it relaxes the muscles in the case of active exercise. With the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, it is much better than passive massage. And self-operation can be anytime and anywhere.

Function: Loosen muscles, restore physical function after exercise, avoid accumulation of chronic damage, reduce chronic pain, and improve sports performance.

Intensity: Roll each part for 2 minutes, once a day.

Foam roller relaxes musclesFoam roller relaxes muscles.2Foam roller relaxes muscles.3Foam roller relaxes muscles.4

2. Noah's system stretch

The fine and scientific Noahidi stretching is more efficient than ordinary stretching. System stretching makes athletes full of energy every day, light and energetic.

Function: Improve muscle elasticity and stretchability, improve posture, physical and mental pleasure, less muscle tension and pain, reduce the risk of joint sprains and muscle strains, increase body and tissue temperature, improve flexibility, flexibility, speed up nerve impulse and Conduct speed, improve sports performance and competition results.

Noah's system stretchNoah's system stretch.2Noah's system stretch.3

3 Strengthen the stability of the lumbar spine, improve the flexibility of the thoracic spine, the strength of the thigh and buttocks, etc.

To improve the stability of the lumbar spine, you can refer to the following advanced action.

One way to relieve back pain

The flexibility exercises of the thoracic spine also introduce the following methods:

Stretching of thoracic spine

Cat-Dog Pose: 

The limbs are supported on the ground and fixed, and the pelvis is tilted forward and backward to dominate the spine to do an "S" and "C" shape movement.

Cat-Dog PoseCat-Dog Pose.2

Seated thoracic spine stretch: 

Sit on the chair with the backrest, fix the lumbar spine and below, so that it stretches back above the thoracic spine.

Seated thoracic spine stretch

Thoracic rotation

Kneeling torso rotation training: both knees and one hand are supported on the ground and fixed, one hand is placed on the side of the head, and the torso is rotated to the maximum angle toward the side of the hand.

Thoracic rotationThoracic rotation.2

Seated trunk rotation training:

Sitting and standing upright torso, in order to prevent the lower limbs from moving, you can place a small ball or foam roller between the knees to clamp and fix it. After the hands are crossed, the thoracic spine leads the trunk to rotate to one side.

Seated trunk rotation training

The last big step is to start with the overall posture, check whether one’s pelvis is tilted forward, whether there are O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs, etc., the usual living habits, whether the gait is normal, etc., improve the overall body, optimize the body's biological force line, and reduce The load on the lumbar joints.

--By Weiwo