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Lifting Table Gives You A Healthy Office Environment

Jan 09, 2021

The lifting table advocates the office state of sitting for a while and standing for a while. After the continuous improvement of the R&D team, the lifting table has passed 16 picky production inspections and passed the French LCIE certification, and finally achieved a lifting speed of 38mm/s. The entire lifting process It is smooth and fast, and the noise generated is only within 50 decibels. It does not interfere with normal work at all during operation. It can be lifted and raised at the moment you are tired and stretched to achieve standing office, promote blood circulation, and prevent sedentary disease.

Lifting tables help you improve production efficiency:

After working for a long time, it is inevitable to feel dizzy, not working, and work efficiency is greatly reduced. At this time, the lifting table becomes an energy gas station. Standing after sitting for a long time can effectively help you promote blood circulation, so that your tired brain can instantly wake up, thereby improving work efficiency.